From the moment they learn how to shake their little Huggies-covered booty, kids will find any excuse to dance. But throw some flashing lights and apple-juice libations into the mix? You’ve got the hottest kiddies dance club on the block. Scroll down to find out how to create that VIP club vibe at home.

CirKiz, A Cool Kid's Dance Party
Photo: CirKiz

1.Break out ALL OF THE LIGHTS. Flashing bicycle lights, leftover glow sticks from Halloween, a string of Christmas lights—all that matters is that the daytime lights are switched off, and the party lights come ON. Make sure to draw the shades!

2. The ultimate playlist. Nothing kills the vibe like a stint of silence while you search for the next song. Make sure you have at least ten songs qued up and ready. Take a few requests before hand or just hit play on our ultimate playlist.

3.Let ’em dress themselves. Picking out that “going out” outfit is a rite of passage. Let them go nuts with the wardrobe, including accessories!

4. The Guestlist. Have your kiddos help you create a flyer for the party of the century. Have them hand it out to friends they want to cut a rug with.

5. Stock the bar. From apple juice topped with tiny tropical umbrellas to ginger ale with slices of orange, make sure there are a few specialty libations to keep them hydrated through the dance marathon.

6. Show your stamp. They may not get the reference, but it’s a scientific fact that littles love stamps. So give ’em a hand stamp as they enter the club. No ins and outs!

7. Play DJ. keep things interesting by helping to run the show. As the, um, seasoned club-goer, lead dance challenges (“everyone do the worm!”), call-and-response chants and host dance offs between dueling crews.

8. Bubbles, steam and smoke. Get your hands on a bubble gun or steam machine to take the party to 11.

9. Set up a photo booth. So much better than selfies! Set up a well-lit corner where kids can get silly with their buds (goofy costumes are a great addition) and snap a pic to remember this party forever!

10. Lounge lizards. Create a few cozy lounge areas where the kids can take a breather, sip their spritzer or chat up that cutie they met out on the dance floor.

—Erin Feher


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