11 Creative Ways to Play with Fall’s Favorite Fruit

The leaves are changing, and sweater weather is coming—it’s apple time! Sure, your family is totally into eating them—Granny Smith, Braeburn, and Honeycrisp, yum!—but there’s so much more you can do. That’s why we’ve got a mega mix of artsy, fabulously fun ideas and activities that are inspired by (and some that even use) fall’s favorite fruit. Keep reading to see them all.

apple math
photo: The Educator’s Spin On It

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1. Stackin’ Apples
Your little learner is about to get schooled in the science of building and get a little math practice, too. Starting with the Dr. Seuss favorite Ten Apples Up On Top!, this activity helps kids explore engineering—but with apples! Check out the full activity at The Educator’s Spin On It.

kids paint
photo: Simple Fun for Kids

2. Pretty Prints
Who needs a paintbrush anyways? Paint, an apple, and oh-so-much fun! This is one that you might remember from way back when you were a tot, too. Head over to Simple Fun for Kids for … well, some simple fun for kids. Literally.

pie craft
photo credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

3. Not Quite Grandma’s Apple Pie
Okay, okay. So this one doesn’t use real apples. But if your kiddos are looking for some pretend play awesomeness, this craft from The Best Ideas for Kids is pretty rad. We know you’re probably jonesing for a slice of apple pie by now and hey, at least this one is a no-calorie option!

slime recipe
photo: Schooling a Monkey

4. Simple Slime with a Twist
Extend your kid’s summertime slime obsession well into the fall with a simple slime recipe. Even though it’s not made with apples, it sure looks like the fall fruit. Visit Schooling a Monkey for the complete details.

photo: Mothering with Mindfulness

5. Feed the Birds
Get back to nature with this apple activity! Even though the air might have a slight crisp chill in it, your furry and feathered friends are still very much out and about. Are your kids up for a little bird watching? Well, you need to attract the local flying wildlife to your yard. The kids can use fresh fruit to make a feeder that the birds will totally enjoy. Visit Mothering with Mindfulness to learn how to create your own.

tree print
photo: Crafts on Sea

6. A is for Apple
Explore textures and more with this artsy apple activity! Take a look at how Crafts on Sea turned paper plates into fab fruit.

paint print
photo: The Gingerbread House

7. Pop the Cork
So you say you’ve got a cork or two sitting around? Put them to use, and try out this perfect-for-preschoolers fall apple art activity from The Gingerbread House. This easy art activity lets kids explore print making without having to take a college class in some sort of complicated medium. No screens, pricey tools or expert knowledge required.

tree craft
photo: Crafts on Sea

8. Sit Under the Apple Tree
Sometimes you just can’t grow your own apple tree. Sure, it’s science-y fun. But it’s not always practical. In case your mini Johnny Appleseed is interested in trees, this activity from Crafts on Sea lets them explore in a creatively, crafty way.

shiny apple
photo: What Can We Do with Paper and Glue

9. Shine Bright
A little sparkle is always welcome. Seriously. If your kiddo is obsessed with everything that shines, you know all about how inviting materials such as sequins or glitter can be. This art activity brings the sparkle—in spades. Get the steps to creating a crafty, and super-shiny apple from What Can We Do with Paper and Glue.

photo: Mess for Less

10. Bowling Apples
Are you looking for a way to use apples in a completely different way? Well, here it is. Get the kids up off the couch, away from the screens and outside with this motion-filled apple activity. A little paint, an apple, and so much fun. Get the fabulously messy steps for making a Jackson Pollock-esque bowling apple alley at Mess for Less.

apple garland
photo: The Best Ideas for Kids

11. Spin a Yarn
Go beyond the paper apple cutouts (of course, you can still make those too) and get crafty with this 3-D apple idea. Learn how to make adorable apples, all with yarn! Hang them up for your own family fall festival or use them to adorn your home as everyday décor. Get the details on how to make these artsy apples at The Best Ideas for Kids.

— Erica Loop


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