This three-ingredient crock pot sweet pork recipe is so simple you can make it with your eyes closed. At least, that’s what Erin at Table for 7 claims she loves most about this dish. Depending on how much spiciness your tastebuds like (or don’t like), you can switch up your salsa choices to best suit what your picky eaters enjoy most. Serve this pork on top of a bed of rice and dig in.

Ingredients for Crock Pot Sweet Pork: 

2 lbs boneless pork
2 c salsa
1 c brown sugar


1. Spray crock pot or line with crock pot liners/parchment paper. Add pork into crock pot.

2. In a separate bowl, mix salsa and brown sugar well. Pour over pork.

3. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 4 hours.

4. Shred/cut pork before serving.

recipe and photo courtesy of Erin at Table for 7

Keeping a chronicle of her cooking exploits on her site Table for 7, Erin says her site is all about her cooking and baking experiences; the good and the not so good. Erin’s not a professional baker, cook, or photographer but honest about what she prepares at home. Along with her plain-eating husband, her family consists of a couple of picky eaters (and one very picky eater). She creates recipes that aren’t fancy, flashy, or cost you a small fortune to make.

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