When your crying baby just can’t be soothed, what do you put on the stereo? “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “Hush Little Baby” have been staples for forever, but who said nursery songs are the only thing you can use to calm down your infant? A viral Instagram video shows parents have other options—like, say, 2000s hip-hop. More specifically, “Get Low” by Lil Jon.

The video was shared by mom Melissa Buckley, who showed her two-month-old, Jackson, crying—that is, until she instructed Alexa to play “Get Low.” As soon as the baby heard that first beat, he calmed right down.

“Anyone else’s babies get soothed to a random song?” Buckley wrote. “I used to play this all the time in my third trimester to try and get jackson head down and engaged… it did not work haha!!”

If this isn’t proof that early 2000s hip-hop is superior—and that some people are just born with good taste.

Buckley told Today that she listened to “Get Low” a lot while she was pregnant.

“I listened to it a lot in the latter half of my pregnancy because I was trying to get him low, and then I listened to it on repeat a good few times a day for probably three, four weeks on end,” she explained, adding that she and Jackson’s dad, Zach, would often dance to the song in the kitchen. After Jackson was born, when he was crying a lot and she didn’t know what to do, Buckley put on the song on a whim and noticed he immediately chilled out. Now, she said, she plays it at least once or twice a day to help him fall asleep.

The video even attracted the attention of Lil Jon himself, who left a laughing emoji and wrote, “Wowwwww.”

So next time your baby is crying, forget the nursery songs—maybe they just want some throwback hip-hop.

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