Remember the days when we spent hours perfecting our hair? We don’t really miss the zig-zag parts, but having unlimited time to spend on perfecting our hair was pretty awesome, right? It’s possible that now it feels like “cute simple hairstyles” mean a messy bun and… a messy bun. Which is fine (we love them, too). But we’ve got a few hair tricks up our sleeves to save time and look awesome.

Whether you’re rocking short, long, curly, straight, thick, thin, or any combination out there, we’ve rounded up some of the very best tips and tricks to tame your tresses in no time flat. There’s not a single rule out there that says quick hairstyles are all ponytails and air drying (though if that’s your style, we fully support it). If you’re looking for ways to change up your look, you’re in the right place.

Rosie the Riveter-Inspired Updo

If you’re a die-hard messy bun person, here’s a quick way to update it from @kandeejohnson! You’ll want super texturized hair so it holds the style better and gives you the “messy” vibe we’re all going for with this one. It’s also a great second- or third-day hair option. Just start with dry shampoo.

You’ll need:

Twisted Half-Up

You can pull this one off with hair that’s around shoulder-length or longer! All it takes is a couple of elastics and a twist of the wrist ( slows it down so it’s easy) If you have curly or wavy hair, you might want to consider straightening it out a little bit first (straighter hair shows off the details of this ‘do), but you can leave it texturized if you prefer. Out of your face and looks like it took way longer than it really does.

You’ll need:

Half Up with a Claw Clip

Think you can’t pull off a claw clip with shorter hair? Think again. @montana_coles breezes through this style that’s giving serious Cool Girl. Pick a cute claw clip for casual days, or try an embellished or metal one for the office.

You’ll need:

Bubble Fauxhawk

“Bubble” styles are some of the most fun and easiest ways to change up your ‘do. Julie from @artistryofserendipity makes it completely foolproof, plus it can be done on all lengths of hair!

You’ll need:

  • Those trusty clear elastics (are you sensing a theme here?)
  • A 3-barrel waver if you want to replicate Julie’s texture (this best-seller is a winner)

Low Double Buns

Double buns that literally take less time than just brushing and blow drying would? Sign. Us. Up. This hack from @everydayscrunchie (how adorable is that?) is lightening fast and excellent for shorter and mid-length hair. The ultimate in cute simple hairstyles, right?

You’ll need:

  • Clear elastics
  • Two small claw clips—we’re recommending sticking with the classic ones that are shown since you’re “rolling” the clip into the bun and the curved clip teeth are really helpful here (these are good to have on-hand!)
  • A little smoothing + shine spray for the sides (this one is perfect). Only use a little if you have straight and/or fine hair; otherwise, you’ll risk looking a little more greasy than smooth. You can also skip this part completely!

Side Twist Bun

We love a style that looks so much more involved than it really is. @shelly_lynn_beauty is doing this one on day 5 hair, but you could do it virtually whenever, even if it’s damp.

You’ll need:

  • A ponytail elastic (these should last you a while!)
  • Texture spray if you need extra “grip” or are doing this style on freshly-washed hair (it’s also a great go-to on days when your hair is feeling flat or a little lifeless—this one is our pick.)
  • “Bunny ear” scrunchie (you don’t have to, but adding one of these cute little scrunchies makes it look even more polished)
  • Finishing spray

Claw Clip Space Buns

Repeat after us: Space buns aren’t just for kids. They’re so fast. They’re super easy. They get the hair out of your face. You also get the bonus of a little height to your style, and that always makes it look like you tried (even though as @samanthasbeautyconfessions shows above, you didn’t have to try very hard at all).

You’ll need:

  • A tail comb for parting
  • Two mini claw clips (snap up this 6 pack)
  • Hairspray if you need some extra hold

Straightening Iron Waves

How dare we add something like a full head of waves to the list, right? Stick with us. If you’ve ever wondered how these undone, messy, lasts-for-days waves are created, @mathilde_heather nails it. The trick is to gently pull the iron through your hair, then twist the strand back with your fingers while it’s still hot to set the curl. Even though this particular style takes a little longer initially, with some dry shampoo, it lasts for days and looks better the longer you wear it! Remember to straighten the ends for the ultimate “undone” vibe.

You’ll need:

  • A straightener. We like this one because the barrel is actually curved, too, making it easier to pull it down the hair strand into a curl.
  • A claw clip to divide your hair into sections for curling
  • Mathilde is using this dry finishing spray for lived-in texture

Lifted Rockstar

We definitely didn’t forget about you, short-hair queens. @kaitlyn_hubert knows a thing or two about making her hot cropped locks pop. If your hair is short, you probably already love how fast it is to style and go, so try this to mix things up with minimal effort.

You’ll need:

Hairpin Bun

Aside from doing literally nothing, this is about as fast as “doing your hair” and pulling off a cute simple hairstyle can possibly get. @hellohairhouse takes seconds to make this soft style come to life.

You’ll need:

Barbie Ponytail

Whether you’re into Barbie or not, this bouncy pony from @haiirologybyjen amps up your everyday updo. Something about a swingy style that just puts you in a good mood. Bonus!

You’ll need:

  • Hair elastic
  • A teasing brush (remember to push down and only down when you’re teasing. Don’t go back and forth with a teasing comb or brush unless you really love tangled hair)
  • Volumizing hair powder (sprinkle a little at your roots and use your fingers to distribute it)

Scarf Wrap

Want to try something other than your usual headband? This cute simple hairstyle takes three folds and a knot. Full stop. We really appreciate @batshevahaart giving us a quick tutorial about where to place it so that it stays put, and you can always use bobby pins if needed to avoid slipping.

You’ll need:



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