Dad Accidentally Orders Massive 20 ft. Statue for Dino-Loving Son

Dinosaur Sculpture
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If your little one is a budding paleontologist, you probably have a bunch of toy dinosaurs hanging around in your playroom. One dad from the UK took his son’s love of dinos to the next level. When purchasing a dinosaur sculpture for his 4-year-old, Andre Bisson found out his gift was larger than life. 

Bisson’s son, Theo, really loves dinosaurs, especially Carnotaurs. When Bisson saw a local amusement park was getting rid of their dinosaur sculptures, he decided to surprise Theo with his very own pet dino.

Dino Dad 

Bisson shares that his son had a rough start in life. “24 hours after he was born Theo was rushed to hospital, if that had been 36 hours, he wouldn’t have made it. After three years, he is better, so I went to the extreme and bought him a pet dino.”

When the shipping company tried to load the dinosaur, now known as Chaz, onto the truck, Bisson realized it was twice the size originally expected. 

Dinosaur Sculpture

When Chaz finally arrived at the house, he had to be lowered into the garden using a crane. He just fits in the garden measuring 20 feet long and 7’9” high. 

Dinosaur Sculpture

When Theo saw his new friend, he ran over to him and pulled on his chain. He immediately wanted to feed him and make sure that he felt at home. 

Dinosaur Sculpture


—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Andre Bisson


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