Nothing says hair metal like the sweet sound of baby coos. That might sound crazy, but when you hear one dad’s viral video of an AC/DC song made with nothing but baby sounds you’ll understand.

You’ve probably heard of the popular music collection Rockabye Baby, in which artists reimagine hit songs as lullabies. Dad, Matt MacMillan took the concept to new heights by recording his baby’s coos and editing them together to create a remix of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

As MacMillan explains in a separate video, he spent an entire year recording all of the adorable baby sounds his son, Ryan, made. He sifted through all of the recordings and eliminated those without a tone. He then categorized and sorted the remaining 83 by pitch and then narrowed those down, by removing repeating sounds, to 21.

Using those final 21, he painstakingly edited together the final tune arranging each sound to match with the song’s notes. He also edited the visual elements of his son making the sounds in sync with the song. Altogether his hard work paid off in one incredible and adorable musical experience.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Matt MacMillan via YouTube



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