Dad’s Cringey Gentle Parenting Tactic Is the Best Thing We’ve Seen

This dad’s hilarious method of gentle parenting involves making his kids cringe as punishment, and we’re 100% on board

Many of today’s parents have bought into gentle parenting—a parenting style where you guide and discipline your kids with a focus on their emotional development, setting clear boundaries and explaining your reasoning and decision-making so they can understand. There’s no age limit on gentle parenting—it can start when they’re infants and continue until they leave the nest. But one TikTok dad has come up with a new method for his older kids, and it’s total genius.

The dad, who goes by Ginger Jack on TikTok, calls his innovative technique “gentle parenting with malicious intent,” and TBH, that’s exactly what it is. In his video, he has the camera facing him as he talks to his older kids about doing their chores without giving him attitude, and that’s where the cringe comes in.


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“New rule. Whenever one of you starts giving me attitude, I’m going to start hitting on mom,” he says, before turning to his partner and adding, “Hey there. sugar. How you doing, baby girl? How do you feel about another child? I could rub your ankles real good.”

Predictably, this has his kids absolutely screaming in the background. As he makes sexy kitten noises at their mom, the kids beg for mercy and swear up and down that they’ll do all their chores without another word of complaint.

As everyone with teens knows, this method is pretty much guaranteed to work. There’s nothing that grosses a teenager out more than the idea of their parents getting their flirt on. A look at the video’s comments confirms it.

“At that point, I’d deep clean the house, my soul and this Godforsaken world 😂😂😂” one commenter wrote. Another added, “As a 34-year-old, this would absolutely still work on me.”

So parents, there you have it. Take this method and use it responsibly (or irresponsibly, we won’t tell) and enjoy your clean house and well-behaved kids.


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