Oof, this is not why you want your tribute video to your spouse to go viral

When Phil Mackenzie, a dad from Ontario, Canada, shot a quick video of his wife working out and uploaded it to TikTok, he probably didn’t expect it to go viral at all—let alone for the reasons it did.

Mackenzie uploaded the clip of his wife doing an at-home workout, with what he thought was a sweet tribute written over the top.


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With slow, dramatic piano music playing in the background, Mackenzie’s wife, who has four children under the age of 5 (including a newborn), does jumping jacks with this text on the screen:

“Today, I walked in on my wife working out while our newborn napped. Our house was a disaster. Dishes needed to be cleaned. Laundry needed to be done,” he wrote. “And a million other things she felt she had to do. Yet, I could not be more proud. She instead decided to take just a little time to herself that she deserved 10 times over. Always remember that YOU DESERVE time to yourself. The mess and chores can always wait, but your mental health should never be sacrificed.”

I mean, yikes. Do we have to say why our immediate reaction to this is “yikes”? We’ll let some of the commenters say it for us.

“Um please help her????” one commenter begged. Another added, “Dude? Try pitching in.”

Another viewer wrote, “This video alone is my nightmare. Someone watching it pile on me and just clap… congrats to me for keeping it together?”

As one helpfully pointed out, “YOU LIVE THERE TOO.” Because we can only imagine that Mackenzie’s wife would rather he video her working out than, I don’t know, pick up some of the mess he’s complaining about.

Mackenzie has responded to the viral video and the negative reactions of many viewers.

“We try to show the real side of parenting in our videos,” he told Today.com. “It’s not a one-way street — and I would never want it that way, otherwise there’s resentment. We split the load, but it’s always evolving.”

Here’s hoping that’s actually true and that next time, before picking up his phone, Mackenzie thinks about giving his wife a hand instead.

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