There are more waterfalls in Dallas and all over the metroplex than you might realize

We finally got (a little too much) rain in the metroplex, but the silver lining is that the creeks have filled up, and the waterfalls are flowing. Waterfalls, you say? Yes, amongst the freeways and concrete jungles, there are several hidden hiking trails and oases perfect for exploring with the kids. From a hidden gem in Frisco to the popular cascades in Prairie Creek Park, here’s where to find waterfalls in Dallas and beyond. 

Prairie Creek Park Waterfalls in Richardson

Probably the most well-known set of waterfalls in the Dallas area are the ones in this lush Richardson park. There are 37 acres to explore, and if you look for the bridges and rock walls, you’ll be on track to find the waterfalls.

2400 West Prairie Creek Dr.
Richardson, TX

Airfield Falls Conservation Park in Westworth Village

Discover Tarrant County’s largest waterfall in the Airfield Falls Conservation Park. Wander the trail along Farmers Branch Creek to discover this serene spot where water flows over limestone cliffs. Kids can wade around, look for fish and tadpoles, and you can sit back and enjoy your surroundings. 

200 Pumphrey Dr.
Westworth Village, TX


Lady Grotto Waterfall at the Dallas Arboretum

Yes, it’s in a botanical garden, but that doesn’t mean this waterfall in Dallas is any less impressive. Wander through the exhibit before checking out the famous pumpkin village or views of White Rock Lake.

8525 Garland Rd.
Dallas, TX

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Hidden Falls at Marion Samson Park in Fort Worth

This park has a lovely trail system for walkers, hikers, and bikers that meanders through forestland. You’ll find Hidden Falls by following the Lone Wolf Loop, the Dam Drop Trail Loop Trail, or the Thunder Road Loop

2501 Roberts Cut Off Rd.
Fort Worth, TX

Limestone Quarry Park Falls in Frisco

This hidden gem is small but mighty. Located in Quarry Park, look for the dirt footpath that takes you to West Rowlett Creek. The walk to the creek only takes a few minutes, so it’s perfect for little kids. 

1230 Maltby Dr.
Frisco, TX

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