Hippity hop! It’s time to Easter dress shop!

Easter is a little less than a month away (April 9th this year), but if there’s anything we’ve learned from the past years, it’s that it’s never too early to shop for girls Easter dresses. Similar to Halloween costumes and Christmas pajamas, the good stuff always goes first. Plus, with many families doing spring pictures or photos with the Easter Bunny, the time is now to get those spring duds ready to go.

The girls Easter dresses we’ve rounded up are designed for any kiddo! We’ve made sure to consider every kid’s personality, personal style, and comfort preference, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for your little one. From flouncy and frilly to simple and easy, there’s something for everyone. In fact, these looks are so cute that we bet that they’ll want to wear them all through the warm months. Depending on what you have planned this spring—egg hunts, school parties, family photos—you may want to grab more than one of these great looks!

Pink Chicken Rowan Dress in Chick Garden

Sammy and Nat

You can't have Easter without the chicks, and this sweet cotton dress has them all!

Pink Chicken Rowan Dress in Chick Garden ($94.00)—Buy Now!

Pink Chicken Ana Jumper in Paper Floral

Sammy and Nat

If they're not into traditional dresses, this adorable jumper is a great option!

Pink Chicken Ana Jumper in Paper Floral ($78.00)—Buy Now!

Antibes Cover Up Dress

The Sunday Collective

We love the uniqueness of this layering piece! For your little individual or budding fashionista, you can layer this over just about anything for Easter and beyond.

Antibes Cover Up Dress ($70.00)—Buy Now!

Catello Dress

The Sunday Collective

The vintage-inspired vibe of this A-line dress is ultra-adorable!

Catello Dress ($82.00)—Buy Now!

Floral Sleeveless Smocked Dress

francesca's/franki for Girls

This is giving us serious English garden vibes!

Floral Sleeveless Smocked Dress ($31.50)—Buy Now!

Floral Tie-Strap Dress

francesca's/franki for Girls

Tie straps made this dress even prettier!

Floral Tie-Strap Dress ($30.00)—Buy Now!

Embroidered Bunny Seersucker Jumper


It doesn't get anymore Easter-y than bunnies, and this sweet bunny face is one of the cutest we've ever seen!

Embroidered Bunny Seersucker Jumper ($19.98)—Buy Now!

Rosette Dress


Princess dresses will never go out of style, and this floaty peachy one will be something they won't want to take off!

Rosette Dress ($31.98)—Buy Now!

Easter Garden Margaret Dress

Ann and Reeves

An Easter garden is exactly what this little plaid dress reminds us of!

Easter Garden Margaret Dress ($58.00)—Buy Now!

Rose Goes Elizabeth Bubble Dress

Ann and Reeves

Your little one's sweet face surrounded by flower petals? It doesn't get much more spring-ready than that.

Rose Goes Elizabeth Bubble Dress ($58.00)—Buy Now!

Alice Dress in Blue Floret


The neck and waist ruffles are the perfect accent to this fairytale dress!

Alice Dress in Blue Floret ($78.00)—Buy Now!

Goldie Dress in Mauve


This darling pintuck and lace detailed dress comes in Mauve and Natural.

Goldie Dress in Mauve ($88.00)—Buy Now!

Quinn Dress in Honey


We can't get enough of this puffy-sleeved babydoll dress!

Quinn Dress in Honey ($82.00)—Buy Now!

Mariposa Dress in Zebra

Rylee and Cru

For your little animal lover, the Mariposa dress features butterfly sleeves and an A-line skirt!

Mariposa Dress in Zebra ($48.00)—Buy Now!

Checked Dress in Shell

Rylee and Cru

Checks are really having a moment this season, and this lightweight sundress isn't going out of style anytime soon.

Checked Dress in Shell ($62.00)—Buy Now!

Ruffle Tank Dress + Bloomers Set


A floaty little number for little ones to still easily be able to move in!

Ruffle Tank Dress + Bloomers Set ($48.00)—Buy Now!

Gingham Pants & Jacket

Janie and Jack

For kiddos who are more comfortable in pants, this outfit from Janie and Jack is the perfect Easter look!

Gingham Puff Sleeve Jacket ($49.59)—Buy Now!

Embroidered Floral Sweater Top ($39.99)—Buy Now!

Gingham Canvas Pants ($34.39)—Buy Now!

Peony Party Dress

Janie and Jack

A trapeze dress is ultra comfortable and perfect for twirling!

Peony Party Dress ($55.99)—Buy Now!

Life's a Peach Dress

Janie and Jack

Eyelet is quintessential "spring" and oh my gosh, can you handle this stunning color??

Life's a Peach Dress ($71.20)—Buy Now!

Emily Plaid Smocked Sundress

Janie and Jack

This deep periwinkle blue frock is sure to pop in all your spring pictures!

Emily Plaid Smocked Sundress ($55.20)—Buy Now!

Let's Dance Dress in Wildflowers

A more casual option, this dress can go from the playground to the party in a snap.

Let's Dance Dress in Wildflowers ($36.00)—Buy Now!

Floral Burst Button-Back Dress

Tea Collection

This splashy spring dress is the perfect combination of playful and photo-ready!

Floral Burst Button-Back Dress ($65.00)—Buy Now!

Crochet Trim Ruffle Dress

Tea Collection

If there's any colorway we love, it's pink and red. A drop waist and crochet trim give it some retro charm, too!

Crochet Trim Ruffle Dress ($39.00)—Buy Now!

Woven Wrap Dress

Tea Collection

A woven wrap dress is a closet staple, and this gorgeous plaid one gets them started early.

Woven Wrap Dress ($55.00)—Buy Now!

Print Muslin Twirl Dress

Hanna Andersson

Twirling? That's pretty much the best part of dresses, right?

Print Muslin Twirl Dress ($64.00)—Buy Now!

Print Tulle Dress

Hanna Andersson

The tulle on this cute dress is recycled and so soft, so it's gentle on skin and the environment!

Print Tulle Dress ($64.00)—Buy Now!

Green Flutter Sleeve Dress


Spring is all about the green and this dress is adorable with Mary Jane's, sneakers, or sandals! 

Green Flutter Sleeve Dress ($20.00)—Buy Now!

Purple Polka Dots Tulle Dress


This shade of lilac is so pretty and the tulle adds some extra floaty vibes.

Purple Polka Dots Tulle Dress ($24.00)—Buy Now!

Linen-Cotton Puff Sleeve Dress


Another dress with a retro vibe, the straight silhouette offers an easy fit printed with vibrant colors!

Linen-Cotton Puff Sleeve Dress ($44.00)—Buy Now!

Shiny Smocked Midi Dress


Add a little sparkle with lurex thread and she'll be the belle of the egg hunt!

Shiny Smocked Midi Dress ($32.00)—Buy Now!

Knit to Woven Dress in Apricot Glow

The Children's Place

Apricot is such a stunning color and this dress gives the illusion of a skirt + top combo!

Knit to Woven Dress in Apricot Glow ($23.07)—Buy Now!

Purple Lace Shift

The Children's Place

A comfy shift fit with all over lace and scalloped hem!

Purple Lace Shift ($19.99)—Buy Now!

Tie-Front Ruffle Dress in Frosted Lime

Sugar and Jade

Obsessed with this bold lime hue? We are, too.

Tie-Front Ruffle Dress in Frosted Lime ($24.47)—Buy Now!

Long Sleeve Plaid Dress in Whirlwind

Sugar and Jade

The sheer sleeves make this dress ideal for kids who prefer a little more coverage, or for days that the spring hasn't quite warmed up yet.

Long Sleeve Plaid Dress in Whirlwind ($33.71)—Buy Now!

Plaid Sateen Dress


Special occasion? Sateen is never the wrong way to go!

Plaid Sateen Dress ($22.00)—Buy Now!

Pastel Tank Dress


Not every kid is into plaid or floral, so this 80's-vibey pastel splash dress is an excellent alternative!

Pastel Tank Dress ($19.00)—Buy Now!

Vintage Lace Pom Pom Dress


This comes in 21 colors, and they're all just as pretty as this Dusty Pink version!

Vintage Lace Pom Pom Dress ($20.88+)—Buy Now!

Bow Shoulder Swing Dress

Hope and Henry

This dress was made for dancing! The bow details are the perfect addition, too.

Bow Shoulder Swing Dress ($26.95)—Buy Now!

Backless Linen Dress


Especially on warm spring days, the backless design of this dress will keep her feeling and looking cool!

Backless Linen Dress ($17.99+)—Buy Now!

Tie-Dye Flower Detail Chiffon Dress

Sunny Fashion/Amazon

Princess vibes + Barbiecore? Nailed it! 

Tie-Dye Flower Detail Chiffon Dress ($23.95)—Buy Now!

A-Line Dress with Crossbody Bag

Sunny Fashion/Amazon

You've got to accessorize, right?

A-Line Dress with Crossbody Bag ($21.95)—Buy Now!

Skater Dress in Bougainvillea


Perfect for twirling and inspired by spring flowers, this skater dress has it all!

Skater Dress in Bougainvillea ($97.00)—Buy Now!

Skater Dress in Floral Denim


For a more casual vibe, this skater dress is it! Wear it with dress shoes, sandals, or sneakers.

Skater Dress in Floral Denim ($97.00)—Buy Now!

Springtime Pullover Dress

Rockets of Awesome

An easy pullover style combined with a sweet floral pattern and pockets!

Springtime Pullover Dress ($50.00)—Buy Now!

Shift Shine Dress

Rockets of Awesome

For the kiddo who adores sparkles year-round, this is the one for them!

Shift Shine Dress ($60.00)—Buy Now!

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