Convince your wanna-be Ken Griffey, Jr. or Ronda Rousey that professional athletes aren’t the only ones to earn a spot on a hall of fame wall when instead of heading to a sports shrine, you visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Alexandria, Virginia. Individuals like internet network engineers Radia Perlman or Victor Lawrence, both among this year’s 16 new inductees, are sure to inspire intellectually curious young minds.

A Collection of Master Minds
Largely responsible for helping to make the internet faster, more efficient and globally accessible, Perlman and Lawrence represent just a fraction of the vast intellectual talent pool, and resulting cultural milestones the Inventors Hall of Fame was built to honor. Relocated from Akron Ohio in 2008, the museum is located at the US Patent and Trade Office complex, and features a newly renovated exhibit space along with a Gallery of Icons dedicated to the now 500 plus inductees. Ever wondered who made technology like the Hubble Space telescope possible, or developed modern electronic telephone architecture?  You can find out at the Inventors Hall of Fame museum, not to mention its comprehensive and searchable website. 

Gone Camping
And are you still looking for camp options this summer for your Thomas Edison or other inventor in the making? With a one of a kind creative problem solving curriculum inspired by the work of National Inventor Hall of Fame inductees, Camp Invention is up and running at local elementary schools in Olney, Farifax and Alexandria for future U.S. patent applicants entering grades one to six. After school programs are also offered at the same sites.

What’s New? 
In addition, a new interactive exhibit features singular advances in the world of motor vehicles and photography that will pretty much knock the ear buds off your budding IT guy or gal. Intellectual Propery Power illustrates how trademarks and patented material contribute to some of the most important inventions that we take for granted every day, like modern vehicles and selfies.

600 Dulany St. (Alexandria, Va)

Have you visited the National Inventors Hall of Fame? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

–Carolyn Ross

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