If you haven’t hopped on the Instagram bandwagon yet, now might be the time to do it—if only for these six cool moms whose feeds are chock full of gorgous photos (aka insta-spiration). Not only are their images infused with style and fun, but they give you a sneak peak into the lives of other mamas as they go about their daily lives inside the District.

Ally Coglianese, Ally Cog
This fashion and style blogging mama uses her corner of the web to share her personal style, inspirations and what life is like in the Nation’s Capital. The style pics that Ally shares in her Instagram feed are the perfect anecdote for days when you have NO CLUE what to wear. Look close, her adorable baby girl makes a special appearance every once in a while, often draped in mom’s shawl or wearing matching headbands.

Instagram Handle: @allycog

Andrea Khoury, Real Housewives of Northern Virginia
This social media junkie strives to be one of the first to know about, well, everything. Especially as it relates to D.C. and Northern Virginia (think: local getaways, hot new businesses, and must-try Pinterest recipes. When she isn’t at her full time 9-to-5, Andrea is running after her energetic son.

Instagram Handle: @novahousewives

Favorite Place to Take Pics: “We are always snapping pics on our outdoor adventures,whether at Fairfax Corner’s fountain, movies on the lawn at the Mosaic District’s Strawberry Park, or visiting the animals at Frying Pan Park Farm.

Lisa Leslie-Williams, The Domestic Life Stylist
It’s no wonder this Caribbean born, self-proclaimed travel enthusiast chose the DMV as her home—there’s so much to do and see with her husband and kids (ages 19 months and 5 years. From local fairs and children’s museums to farmers markets and family events, her Instagram feed captures those adventures in real time.

Instagram Handle: @thedomesticlifestylist

Favorite Place to Take Pics: “I Instagram whenever I feel inspired. It helps if there’s good food around or it’s a beautiful day. I’m also a sucker for photos on the beach (when I can get there), and great hotels. Lately, my photos give a glimpse of how crazy life has been recently. I’m always on the go.”

Amanda Rodriguez, The Dude Mom
Full disclosure: “The Dude Mom” is one of Red Tricycle D.C.’s trusty writers. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include her in this round up. Her Instagram feed mimics her blog (and her penmanship) in it’s cheeky humor, swirled with lifestyle tips and sports…so many sports (oh, did we mention she has THREE boys?). Amanda also moonlights as a photographer, so many of the images she captures of her all-boy brood are simply stunning.

Instagram Handle: @thedudemom

Favorite Place to Take Pics: “My kitchen counter, because that’s where all of the crazy happens. Or, on the sidelines of some sport because that’s where I spend most of my time. ‘On the playground is where I spend most of my days…’ Okay, I’ll stop! You probably mean an actual location, right? I’d have to say Downtown Frederick, Md because of all of the pretty brick and funky alleyways.”

Jaclyn Day, Jaclyn Day Blogs
Sure, this fashion blogger instagrams her fair share of style pics (FYI: She has the BEST plaid scarves collection!), but you’ll also peep images of the books she’s reading, her cuddly kitten, and school lunches. This trend setting mama keeps it real by blogging about (and taking photos of )babies, books, and everything in between.

Instagram Handle: @jaclynday

Angelica Talan, Clarendon Moms
We wouldn’t be surprised if you recognized this mom of two. Angelica can often be found jetting around town (her nabe of Clarendon and all over the District) to scope out new and exciting things. Whether she’s exploring shops, restaurants, schools, or play spaces—oh my!—her Instagram feed isn’t far behind.

Instagram Handle: @angelicatalan

Favorite Place to Take Pics: “Anywhere in Georgetown. It has the waterfront, which is a great backdrop in any season. There’s also a plethora of stores and boutiques, gorgeous brownstones and houses, amazing hotels and rooftops, the ice rink in winter, the water park in the summer and lots of restaurants—which we frequent regularly.”

Which local, kid-friendly Instagrammers do you follow? Tell us in the Comments section below. 

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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