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We have all been guilty of being too “plugged in” some days, and our kids are no exception. Screens are here to stay, and finding a happy medium between being online and being in the real world is more critical than ever. Teaching our kids how to balance technology and screen time with hands-on play and discovery is key, and we could use all the help we can get.

Life lesson alert: “You can plug in, but only learn by doing.” No, these words of wisdom didn’t come from Oprah, but from a robot on an uber-cool new kid’s show. Based on the beloved book by Dan Yaccarino, Doug Unplugs is a robo-centric story with a twist from the geniuses at Dreamworks and Apple TV+; and we are here for it. Read on for four life lessons preschoolers (and the rest of us) can learn from Doug and his human and robot buddies!

Doug Unplugs the Joys of Learning

Our hero Doug is driven by curiosity and a sense of wonder as he learns the computer screen doesn’t reveal the full picture. Instead of turning his back on technology, he uses it to enhance his real-life experiences. By combining the usefulness of technology with active learning in the real world, he teaches kids that you can learn by doing!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Doug and his high-energy human best friend Emma are the most dynamic duo around! Emma helps Doug navigate the excitement of new experiences in the human world, and for Doug, everything is new! With her natural exuberance, Emma embodies the joy and heart of learning. Combined with Doug's insatiable curiosity for knowledge, Emma and Doug thrive—everything is more fun when you share it! 

Community Mindedness

Doug is part of a unique robot crew. Rather than staying contained in his small world at Reboot factory, he goes forth into Megacity! While exploring the real world, he never forgets his roots. Doug shares his knowledge gained on his adventures with his buddies at Reboot! His robo-community thrives while relationships with his family and friends grow as they all enjoy the excitement and discovery together! 

Technology With a Purpose

In this show, much like life, tech is essential, but it can't replace a real-life experience! Doug is immersed in tech; heck, he is tech! When he steps away from his automated world of robots to engage with the unpredictable real world, he's in awe of everything around him, big and small—a great reminder that sometimes, it's the little things!

This series encourages kiddos to not just turn to technology when it's time to learn but to use tech to fuel their curiosity, inspiring them to get out and start exploring. Let's face it: just gotta unplug!


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—Jamie Aderski


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