Peter Pan warned us all as children: “Once you’re grown-up you can never come back. Never.”

While Peter may have been referencing Never Land, the magical island where kids stay young forever, we can now recognize the underlying implications of adulthood. As soon as we outgrew our playful and carefree years, we’d become practical grown ups that couldn’t dare leave time for lighthearted fun.

The truth of the matter is, our inner child—that happy, silly, awe-struck little boy or girl—is still deep within us and ready to step out from the shadows of adult life. They’re yearning to explore the world again with wondrous eyes, rather than being bogged down with work, household chores and bills.

Our younger selves want to be like Peter, and with Disney’s upcoming live-action reimagining of the boy who wouldn’t grow up, you can remember how.

The Disney+ Original movie, Peter Pan & Wendy, follows J.M. Barrie’s beloved novel and the 1953 animated classic film. Starring Jude Law as Captain Hook, Alexander Molong as Peter Pan, Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling, Yara Shahidi as Tinkerbell, and Jim Gaffigan as Smee, the movie will take your family on a nostalgic yet thrilling new journey to Never Land.

On April 28, stream Peter Pan & Wendy on Disney+ for a fresh, expanded storyline, reimagined characters and a much-needed reminder to be a kid once more. Here are six ways the new film can help you reconnect and release the child inside you.

Captain Hook's ship in the new Peter Pan & Wendy

1. Think Happy Thoughts

While thinking of the happiest things won’t actually make you fly like Peter promised, it can boost your mood and give you a more uplifting outlook on the world. Science also agrees.

A recent study found that mindfulness and positive thinking can reduce anxiety, provide an increased sense of purpose and help people live a happier and more fulfilled life. So when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, focus on the memories that bring you joy.

2. Believe in the Magic of Pixie Dust

Although we may not have an in-house Tinker Bell that can help us fly around to rid our problems, we just need to remind ourselves that “All it takes is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.” Simply put, we should spend more time trusting that situations can work out in our favor.

By once again believing that anything is possible, we can tap into the limitless perception we once held as children. We’ll start to feel that what we want and are striving for is attainable and within our reach. When in doubt, tell yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

3. Live Carefree

Peter Pan perfectly embodies the carefree innocence of childhood. Every day in Never Land, he does what he wants, when he wants without worry—whether that’s sword fighting with Captain Hook, listening to stories or playing with the Lost Boys. As adults, we experience quite the opposite; we’re easily stricken with concern and get caught up in the stressors of life, especially as we raise children of our own.

From time to time, it’s important to remind yourself to live in the happy moments and not take life too seriously. We’re all allowed to have days filled with fun, laughter and play, just like when we were kids.

Tigerlily from Peter Pan & Wendy

4. Embrace Your Sense of Adventure

Adventure is Peter Pan’s middle name. From venturing through mermaid lagoon and the Indian encampment to crocodile creek, Peter explored every inch of Never Land. As we get older and have a family, it’s easy to find reasons as to why we can’t explore someplace new—work schedules, after-school activities, play dates, the list goes on.

Instead, step outside of your regimented schedules and carve out time for traveling and visiting new destinations. Plan a weekend road trip with your kids to a city you’ve never been to before or make plans to check out a new venue that opened up in town. In the end, you’ll feel energized and ready to find your next adventure.

5. Let Your Imagination Run Wild

For Wendy’s father, Mr. Darling, pirates, mermaids and ticking crocodiles were nothing but silly stories, but to Wendy and her brothers, these tales allowed them to feel excited and create an imaginary realm of their own.

When you rekindle your own imagination, you can start to see the world through rose-colored glasses and break free from self-inflicted limits. Spend a few hours playing make-believe with your little ones or set aside time for daydreaming. You just might open yourself up to some well-needed inspiration.

6. Be Open to Trying Something New

Think back to your childhood and how exhilarating it felt when you accomplished something new, whether it was learning to ride a bike or helping your mom prepare dinner in the kitchen. Embrace that same openness to learn as an adult by picking up a new hobby or trying an activity outside of your comfort zone.

Looking to be more adventurous? Go on a ziplining excursion. Looking to be more creative? Take a pottery class. Keep an open mind and continuously challenge yourself by trying something you normally wouldn’t do.


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