A Prequel to “Soul” Is Coming to Disney+ & It Answers Some Important Questions

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Disney recently announced the upcoming release of a brand-new short from Pixar Animation. Based on Tina Fey’s sarcastically witty soul 22 from the 2020 animated hit flick Soul, the short explores the meaning of life and more!

The prequel to Soul, titled 22 vs. Earth, tells the tale of soul 22 and her attempt at a rebellion in The Great Before. Instead of entering Earth, 22 has other things in mind—namely staying exactly where she is.

photo courtesy of Disney/Pixar

Not only does 22 refuse to go to Earth, she teams up with five other new souls to rebel against the rules. 22 vs. Earth director and 21-year Pixar veteran, Kevin Nolting, said in a press release, “While making ‘Soul,’ we talked about the why of a new soul not wanting to live on Earth, but it didn’t ultimately belong in that movie.”

Nolting added, “22 vs. Earth was a chance to explore some of the unanswered questions we had about why 22 was so cynical. As a fairly cynical person myself, it felt like perfect material.”

22 vs. Earth will stream on Disney+ starting Apr. 30!

—Erica Loop



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