Calling all lovers of Turning Red, Up, and Inside Out! Disneyland is putting its beloved Pixar friends front and center for the return of Pixar Fest, a celebration of the music, themes, and characters from its Pixar Animation Studios films. The Pixar-ification includes new food items, a reimagined fireworks display, a new parade, and a new immersive show that’ll have Disney toddlers freeze-dancing their wiggles away.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 Pixar Fest, which runs now through Aug. 4 at Disneyland and California Adventure:

There’s a Reimagined Fireworks Show

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If you can keep your tired Disney littles up until 9:30 p.m., it’s worth it. This totally upgraded reimagining of 2018’s “Together Forever” fireworks display includes projections, lasers, fireworks, pyrotechnics, and music—all set to familiar Pixar tunes. The magic happens all around you, with light projections spread across almost every visible surface up and down Main Street as well as splashed across Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Keep your eyes on the rooftops during the Coco scene and you might even see a few 10-foot-tall characters standing up there!

And, Disney has a few other new tricks up its sleeve, including a certain beloved hot air balloon that floats through the air amid the smoke…

Insider’s Tip: Want an easy exit? Watch the show in the middle of Main Street outside the Market House near the park entrance. There are so many cool light projections up and down Main Street that your littles will be sufficiently transfixed—and you’ll be happy for the easy out when the fireworks end.

The “Better Together” Parade Isn’t to Be Missed

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It starts with a cheerful team of rhythmic roller skaters (who manage to make eye contact or wave at every kid in the crowd!) and ends with an upbeat song you won’t get out of your head for the rest of the afternoon. The “Better Together” Pixar Pals Celebration Parade (a reworked version of 2018’s Pixar Play Parade) at California Adventure pays homage to iconic Pixar films such as Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. alongside newbies like Turning Red, Soul, Luca, and Inside Out. It’s short and sweet—a perfect midday break from the rides.

There’s an Immersive New Show for Kids Who Want to PLAY!

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Need a place where your littles can get out some energy and NOT HAVE TO STAND IN ANY LINES? The new Pixar Pals Playtime Party is your spot! Part show, part dance lesson, part open playtime—guests of all ages can join in on the fun here as Fantasyland Theatre (in Disneyland Park) is transformed into a daytime fun zone. Learn some dance moves from Disney’s enthusiastic MCs; play an organized game of Red Light, Green Light; get your picture taken with Luca and Alberto from Luca or Wade and Amber from Elemental (it’s their first time appearing at Disneyland!); or, just enjoy the shaded break from the rides and watch some Pixar shorts on the big screen.

You’re Probably Going to Want Some of This New  Merch

Like it or not, it wouldn’t be Disney without a slew of new merch to match the event. So, naturally with Pixar Fest comes Pixar Fest gear and goods. Here are some of our favorite new items:

  • Pixar Fest crossbody bag – This non-gender-specific turquoise and orange crossbody bag is the perfect size for toting your wallet, phone, and Disney ticket on and off all those rides.
  • Alien Pizza Planet Popcorn Bucket – This new popcorn vessel is a bona fide toy! Straight from Toy Story, this Alien Pizza Planet truck has working lights and a little alien in the driver’s seat. There’s also an impressive replica guitar popcorn bucket ode to Coco; and a Doug bucket from the movie Up (but that one’s only available to Magic Key holders) that’s only  They’re all adorable (if a bit bulky—bring a bag to carry them in when your kid is done munching.
  • Themed medallions – If you’re a coin collector (or, at least, a collector of Disney gold medallions), you’ll want to get your hands on the new, limited-time Pixar-themed coins.
  • Custom Character Headbands – Yet another fun thing for your kids (or you) to collect, these cute character plushies slide onto specialized headbands to make for a fun new twist on Mickey ears. (Pssst: They’re already wildly popular at Hong Kong Disney!)

Come Hungry, Because All of the New Pixar-themed Food Items Look Amazing

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

Come on—you know this is the best part, right? As if you didn’t have enough choices of splurge-worthy eats, Disney chefs have been hard at work designing a new menu of Pixar-themed snacks, entrees, and treats for the park’s menu. Here are some of our faves (to learn where to find them in the parks, go to

  • Shake 2319 inspired by Monsters, Inc. – This vanilla, orange, guava, and pineapple shake is topped with shaved coconut, whipped topping, and an orange cone.
  • Fried Bologna Sandwich inspired by Up – Comfort food at its best, this sandwich is made of fried bologna, Monterey Jack cheese, mustard, and mayo on white bread. Served with house-made chips, cinnamon apples, and a pickle spear.
  • Inside Out Mac and Cheese – Match your mac to your mood! Choose from Joy’s “Yellow Comforting” mac and cheese with happy cheese puffs or Anger’s “Angry Red Hot” mac and cheese with spicy cheese crunch.
  • Pixar Fest Cake – Three gorgeous rainbow layers of sponge cake with cream cheese frosting. Your kid will want it for the rainbow.
  • Sea Monster Friends Parfait inspired by Luca – A four-layer parfait of graham cracker crumbs, mascarpone cheesecake, berry blue gelatin, and blue Chantilly, topped with a Luca chocolate medallion.

California Adventure has a new “Club”

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When the sun goes down (or really a little bit before), Club Pixar will take over the Hollywood Backlot at Disney California Adventure featuring Dj-led music, live performances, free family games (like cornhole and magnetic fishing games), fun photo backdrops, a bar with specialty crafted drinks, and a “drive-in theater” where people can sit in the back seat of a 1950s-style Cadillac and watch animated shorts. It’s a nice place to spend a little time while you’re waiting to get on Guardians of the Galaxy just next door. Don’t be surprised if you see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible wandering the crowd as well!

Pixar Fest, included in regular Disney Parks admission, opened April 26 and runs through August 4.  For more information, go to

Editor’s note: This trip was paid for by Disney Parks but all opinions belong to the writer. 

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