Social distancing is good for our health, but not getting as many hugs is hard on everyone! Whether your loved ones live across the country or across the street, this easy card will brighten someone’s day. Read on for the simple tutorial.

What you’ll need:


White card stock paper

Construction paper, various colors

Printer to print picture*

Glue or tape



*Don’t have a printer — or want a more traditional hug card? Check out this adorable and simple “Hug In An Envelope” project from

Step 1: Trace those hugging arms

Have your kids put both hands (and as much of the arms as can fit) onto a piece of colored construction paper. Trace, then cut out along the lines.

Tip: Want to make a few cards at once? Just stack a few sheets together and cut them all simultaneously.


Step 2: Strike a pose… then cut it out 

Get those adorable huggers against a wall and tell them to "Say cheese!" with great, big, outstretched arms. Then, print out your photo and cut out your little person's picture.


Step 3: Glue picture onto the card

Fold a piece of card stock paper in half to make an instant-card. Then, glue your child's picture onto the inside so that your kiddo's outstretched arms fit onto the page (if one or both arms goes over the edge of the paper a little, it's OK to cut off the overhang — you'll be glueing paper arms on top in the next step anyway).

Note: You could end the project here and you’ve got a pretty awesome card to personalize and send to the grandparents. But if you want something that gets you one step closer to a real, live hug, move onto the next step… 

Step 4: Give your card some arms

Glue your child's traced arms onto the inside of your card so that they cover the arms on your child’s picture. Then, wherever the arms reach the paper's edge, fold inward so that they stay inside when the card is closed.


Step 5: Get ready for some serious “Awwwwws.” 

Have your young scribes decorate the front of the card and write a fitting note to go with their hug. Then, find an oversized envelope that will hold your custom-made greeting and send it to anyone who needs an instant pick-me-up.


— All photos and copy by Melissa Heckscher


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