All the world’s a stage and for the kiddos that whole world might be your living room right now. Revisit Elizabethan times with this collar made from coffee filters, an easy craft your baby bards can help out with, an easy and cute DIY costume. Read on for thine own directions.

coffee filter shakespeare collar tutorial
You will need: 

Coffee filters (white ones are best)
Ribbon or string
Hole punch

Step 1. Fold your coffee filter in half, then in half again. You can stop here (folded in fourths) or keep going to one more fold (which works better for smaller necks).

Step 2. Staple your folded piece, about 3/4″ or so.

Step 3. Hole punch just under the staple.

coffee filter shakespeare collar tutorial
Step 4. Cut the point off the folded filter, just under the hole you made.

Step 5. Measure your string or ribbon to fit the child’s neck, then add a few inches on each side for ease of tying. String ’em!

elizabethan collar shakespeare costume kid

Tips & Tricks
The pieces tend to stay the same direction when stapled/punched/cut the same size and length or at least close. With kids the results are sure to be a bit uneven, so try to keep a little space between the pieces when stringing. It seems counter-intuitive but actually helps them stay flat (so they fan out better).

You are probably going to need 30-50 filters, more the bigger the kid.


Did you measure-for-measure your collar? Share pictures with us on Instagram and tag them #redtricycle. 

—All photos and copy by Amber Guetebier



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