Looking for a way to harness the wind? From upcycled plastic lids and egg cartons to tin cans and seashells, check out these 12 unique wind chimes you can make at home. Not only will it give your kids something to do, but it also makes for sweet backyard decor. Scroll down, our how to make wind chimes crafts will blow you away!

Recycled Plastic Lid Wind Chimes

Fun Family Crafts

Recycle! Parents can help out on this wind chime project. Recycling plastic lids and pretty beads (or anything you can put on a string) makes for this colorful wind chime. We love the tutorial over at Crafts by Amanda, so head over for the deets. Then it’s time to get crafty.

Eggs-tra Easy

Bar Rucci via ArtBar

The sky’s the limit when your little artist reuses egg cartons to make these pretty pastel wind chimes. This project is a breeze to put together with a few supplies: egg cartons, watercolor paint, beads, bells and yarn. Get instructions for this eggs-ellent idea from Barbara over at ArtBar.

Ocean in the Air

Jessica via Let's Do Something Crafty

Shell we make some wind chimes today? Grab shells, glitter, glue gun and string, then follow Jessica Amey’s simple directions at Let’s Do Something Crafty, and you’ve got new backyard décor. When you're done, tie it up and let the wind do its thing.

Tea Bottle Wind Chimes

Amy Latta Creations

From colorful paper mâché and glitter paint, your little crafter will enjoy this DIY wind chime project. The best part is the tinkering sound the lids make when done. For a complete how-to head over to Amy Latte Creations and get started today!

Hanging Hearts

Allison via No Time for Flashcards

It's heart to resist this sweet wind chime made with care over at No Time for Flashcards. Little hands will need a little help (it's worth the effort!) melting these pretty red and white hearts. You’ll need pony beads, string, a piece of wood and silicone holders. You can get the 4-1-1 from Allison over at No Time for Flashcards.

Macrame Wind Chimes

Crafts Unleashed

If your little crafter is keen on making friendship bracelets, then these DIY macrame wind chimes are perfect. For what to get and how to make these wind chimes head over to Crafts Unleased. When done, hand them up and listen to the music in the wind.

Creature Chime

Chelsey via Buggy and Buddy

Paperclips? Check. Plastic cup? Check. Add string, googly eyes and bells, and you’ve got the makings of a wind chime inspired by Chelsey over at Buggy and Buddy. Go here for the step-by-step. When done, sit back and hear the bells.

Over the Rainbow

Jackie Curry via Happy Hooligans

Wood-n’t you like to make this colorful chime? There are a few more steps to this project, but the result is worth it. Props to Jackie at Happy Hooligans, who came up with this cool craft that starts with a nature walk. Find the how-to here.

Fairy Fabulous

Lori via Beneath the Rowan Tree

Who doesn’t love to believe in fairy tales? These cute little wind chimes make a sweet tinkering sound that your own fabulous fairy will love. There are quite a few (but do-able) steps: you'll need beads, small jingle bells, wire and miniature flower pots. Lori over at Beneath the Rowan Tree gives us detailed steps.

Awesome Upcycle

Natalie Kramer via Homemade Charlotte

We try to set a good example for our kids by picking up trash from the environment. Well, Natalie over at Handmade Charlotte took this task up a notch when she made these whimsical wind chimes. You’ll need a plastic lid, ice cream spoons, bells, feathers and several other items. Get the full scoop, here.

Do the Can-Can

Kimbo via A girl with a glue gun

When kids are done playing “kick the can” they can paint them to make this bright and bold can craft. A nod to Kim who came up with this cool idea that’s easy for kiddos to do. All you need is an old lampshade wire (or something similar), cans, paint, string, hammer (adult supervision, please) and nails. Grab the directions here.

—Nikki Walsh



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