Couple Wakes Up with a Strange Dog in Their Bed, Sweetest Story Ensues

Facebook/Julie Thornton Johnson
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Dogs are determined to live their best lives. For one sneaky pup named Nala, that best life meant climbing into the warm bed of a neighbor’s house during a storm and snuggling right in. Did she know them? No. Did she care? Also no.

Julie Thornton Johnson shared a hilarious Facebook post about the situation, writing in part, “It is absolutely normal to wake up in our house with one of OUR dogs in the bed with us. One small problem, THIS IS NOT OUR DOG, nor do we know how she got in our house.” Johnson has three other dogs, Zeppelin, Hollis, and Jupiter, who didn’t seem to mind sharing space with their new friend.

Apparently, Nala got out during the day from her house and was wandering around the neighborhood. Johnson told The Mirror: “It started storming around 4 a.m. and I assume she was really scared of thunder and ran to the first house that smelled like friendly people and dogs.” As one does.

Johnson said she and her husband thought the dog was one of theirs in the dark but “they rarely lay on the pillows!” It wasn’t until daylight that they “realized we were snuggling with someone else’s dog.” Judging by the pictures, Nala looks entirely comfortable with her decision to break in and a bit miffed about all the fuss.

She continued: “This is the weirdest post I have ever had to make. Is this your dog?”

Later that day, Johnson posted an “update” letting concerned citizens know Nala’s mom was on her way. “Good luck getting her out of my bed mam,” she joked.

Just when you think this story can’t get any more adorable, it does. Turns out the Tennessee families have become fast friends and now get together for regularly scheduled playdates.

“Nala and her moms are no longer strangers to us,” Johnson shared. “Yesterday, our puppy play date was a lot of fun and the pups loved the attention and the ice cream. We also had a long talk to the four of them about asking permission before spend the night parties commence!”

Nala’s mom, Cris Hawkins, also posted about the ordeal, thanking the Johnsons for keeping her safe and having a sense of humor about it.

It’s just like dogs to bring humans together.

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