Ask any mom what her least favorite part of motherhood is and laundry usually tops the list. Never ending piles of dirty clothes, missing socks and a laundry room that’s usually at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to decor, all make this household chore less than fun. Laundry is just a fact of life and if you’re struggling with getting it done in a cramped space, YouTuber Hey Tonya has it all figured out. In one of her most recent videos, vlogger Tonya shows us how she transformed her laundry closet (yep, it’s not even big enough to be called a room) into an organizational dream.

If you aren’t already a dollar store shopper, we bet you’ll be one now! Budget is no object when it comes to making your laundry space workable when you shop at a dollar store, and you don’t have to sacrifice style for function either. Whether you own your home, or are restricted from major improvements because you rent like Tonya, your laundry room can still look like a million bucks. We love Tonya’s style from top to bottom: from the crisp white basket choices, to that amazing wall decal and stain removal guide. You may be asking yourself, “How come I never come across stuff like this when I shop at the Dollar Tree?” If there’s one piece of advice we can offer, it’s shop often! You never know what kind of treasures may await.

Check out more of Tonya’s tips on her blog, Hey Tonya.

Are you inspired? Tell us what you plan on organizing next in the comments below! 

— Karly Wood

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