DQ’s Mint OREO Blizzard Is Back for Spring

Mint Blizzard
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We’re seeing green! With spring around the corner and St. Patrick’s Day ahead, DQ is excited to offer two minty options this season. The ice cream chain welcomes the return of its fan favorite Mint OREO Blizzard Treat and Mint Chip Shake.

Mint Blizzard

If you are ready to celebrate the season the Mint OREO Blizzard Treat is the crème of the green-mint-chocolate treat crop, featuring OREO cookie pieces and crème de menthe topping blended with creamy DQ vanilla soft serve. 

Mint OREO Blizzard

DQ is also bringing back its Mint Chip Shake. This sweet sip will take your St. Patty’s celebration to the next level with a blend of refreshing crème de menthe, DQ world famous vanilla soft serve, milk and bursts of choco confetti chips.

Mint Chip Shake

The Mint OREO Blizzard Treat and Mint Chip Shake will be available  at participating DQ locations nationwide starting Jan. 25.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of DQ