She’s a NASA astronaut who was the first woman of color in space, a physician, engineer, educator and the first real astronaut to appear on Star Trek. Dr. Mae Jemison has taken a life full of out-of-this-world experiences and turned them into a book for young adults.

Jemison’s autobiography, Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments From My Life, is now in its 2nd edition. Whether your older kiddo is already a fan or is new to the world of this amazing astronaut, the 2nd edition of Jemison’s book is packed with heartfelt stories and 16 graphic-novel style illustrations.

photo courtesy of Signal Hill Road Publishing

The astronaut-turned author teamed up with artist Michael Ocasio and Studio NYC to create the imaginative illustrations, telling her story through both words and pictures.

Jemison said in a press release, “There are so many parallels between when I was growing up and the world teenagers find themselves in today– human rights, social justice, an explosion of science and technology, space exploration, growing awareness and connections across the globe, evolving music and art, and individuals asserting their rights to participate.”

She continued, “My story is about finding who you intend to be and trying to assert who you are as a teen as the world is changing around you. I hope my story provides some clues to making it through while keeping your smile, integrity and hopefulness.”

Not only is the book authored by the astronaut, but it’s also the first project from Jemison’s Spring Hill Publishing company. Signal Hill Road Publishing is the first independent Black-owned, woman-owned publisher to explore the intersection of social issues, technology, science and culture.

Find Where the Wind Goes 2nd edition is available for pre-order at Amazon ($29.95), Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Indiebound, and other major retailers—or get your hardcover copy when the book goes on sale Feb. 23.

—Erica Loop



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