I’m in the thick of my baby era. Just take a glance at my camera roll, google search history, or laundry room. This also means I’m in peak “research and test” mode on products across baby categories—currently it’s everything from chic baby gates to best diapers for sensitive skin.

I always try to shop mindfully when investing in new brands and I just can’t help but care about aesthetics along the way. (I’ve tried!) This led me to discover Dyper’s new line of Charcoal Enhanced Diapers. They’re eco-friendly, absorbent, super soft, and make a fun fashion statement.

I love reading reviews, so naturally writing one brings me great joy. 

To start, why would one choose a charcoal-enhanced diaper? I asked the same question. 

Why Charcoal?

My first introduction to charcoal as an ingredient was during the “activated charcoal toothpaste” era, and soon after, the deodorant boom. I quickly remembered that the antifungal, antibacterial, and detoxifying properties were the big “a ha” sell in the hygiene categories, and it makes a lot of sense to now be introduced in the disposable diaper category as well. The filtering and odor-fighting properties also give the diapers the distinctive black color that Dyper touts.

My husband and I took our roles as diaper testers very seriously. With the exaggerated care of food critics analyzing presentation, smell, and every burst of flavor a dish presents, we unpacked, unfolded, and evaluated the look, feel, and performance of these hypoallergenic diapers. It was fun! Luckily our son isn’t old enough to make fun of us (yet).

On to our top takeaways…

Soft, Absorbent & Great for Sensitive Skin 

I’ll admit I was nervous to try something new because my son’s skin is quite sensitive. And with the change of the season, we were told by our pediatrician to anticipate extra sensitivity. We’ve been exclusively using these charcoal enhanced diapers for five days now, and not a rash in sight. 

My husband’s first words when we unpacked the (very chic) Dyper box was, “Wow, quality.” We held the charcoal enhanced diaper in one hand, and one of our big box brand diapers in the other—wow indeed. Dyper was super soft and flexible unlike our current diaper, which suddenly felt so plastic-y and stiff. 

Running down the list of other stand-out qualities: They’re free from chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, and Phthalates. Things I definitely don’t want hugging my baby’s sensitive skin. 

And in the ultimate test – no leaks overnight! Our son has been sleeping through the night (praise be!), but that means extra full diapers in the morning, and with it, an occasional “scent” in the room. Here comes the power of charcoal with filtering and odor fighting properties. Yes, please!


Flexible Sizing & Comfortable Stretch

We’re currently “in-between” diaper sizes. Has this happened to you? It can be a real mess, literally and figuratively. My son is 14 pounds which places him in both size 1 and size 2 sizing. After a lot of mental debate (typical me), I chose size 2 hoping he wouldn’t be swimming in extra fabric with a loose fit.  

Luckily I made the right choice, though I think I would have been safe either way as the entire front strip of the diaper is a super-soft attachment area zone, which lets you shift the fit to what you need. We were able to readjust easily to find the right spot for us without any issue, or any bagginess. A huge plus! 

My little guy is also constantly on the move, and I found that Dyper really stretches with him, in the way you want. 

baby with sensitive skin crawling in a charcoal enhanced diaper from Dyper

Mindful, Eco-conscious, and Chic

“Oh hey, fancy” was the reception we got from his teachers as we walked into his infants classroom at school with a sleeve of charcoal enhanced diapers in hand.

“They’re crafted in Japan.” I said with equally a cheeky tone.

When I shared that in addition to being a fun fashion statement, this was a clean, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly diaper brand their interest really peaked.

Our Dyper box arrived just in time for the University of Georgia football game. For the rest of the season, our little babe will be able to sport our school colors of red and black, just like his dad. Very cute.

Of course, I’ve snapped so many pictures of him in his new chic baby briefs and shared them with my family through the
Tinybeans app…instant hearts and comments! “Proud great grandma of a little fashion model” was my favorite.

From one new mom to the next, it’s a thumbs up on this one. Dyper’s Charcoal Enhanced Diapers check the boxes on quality, comfort, functionality and eco-responsibility.

Now, on to find chic baby gates…

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