These Are the Most Popular Christmas Treats, Fruitcake Included

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The holiday season usually means an above average consumption of special treats, and a recent study by Zinnia has figured out which sweets are the most popular by state.

The career site used Google Trends to search over 40 classics and determined which treat was searched for the most in each state. They found some interesting results!

photo: Zippia

All in all, 20 states prefer cake, 12 love candy, 10 need their cookies and nine states vote cheesecake as their top treat. Other notable treats include cinnamon rolls, vegan Christmas cookies, yule logs and yes––even fruitcake.

Zinnia also let a few liquids slip through, including egg nog and hot chocolate. You can get a more detailed view of the report at Zinnia.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Marc Markstein via Unsplash



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