Play It By Ear: Easy Elephant Craft for Kids

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It’s World Elephant Day so we’ve created a simple craft to help you dress your little animal in honor of the gentle giants. This craft is easy-peasy and requires just a a just a few things you can pull right out of your trunk. Read on for the tutorial.

elephant craft

You will need:

A paper bag (you can use a grocery bag, or even construction paper or wrapping paper. We used a cool gift bag.)
Crayons, pencils or markers
Tape (or a stapler)
Optional: Elephant pictures, toys or stuffies for inspiration and fun!

elephant craft collage

1. Cut open the bag so it lays flat and draw an elephant ear shape on one side.

2. Cut out the ear, flip over and trace an outline for the second ear. Cut out second ear.

3. Use a piece of string to measure your child’s head circumference.

elephant craft

4. Use that string to measure along one of the edges of your paper bag. This is your headband. Cut out the strip, about an inch wide. Add an extra inch in length and measure again on your child’s head to make sure it sits where you want it to. Adjust measurement as needed and tape to make a circle.

5. Fold two small edges of your ear shapes. This is where you will be connecting your ear shapes to your headband.

elephant craft

6. Staple or tape an ear on each side of the headband. (We like tape because it won’t poke their heads if your material is thin). Now, just get your wiggle worm to hold still long enough to snap an elfie!

Did you try this craft? Share your results with us on Instagram #redtricycle. 

—Craft courtesy Aubree Fairchild, SF Zoo’s Little Learner’s Program; Photos by Amber Guetebier