When it comes to little girls and easy hairstyles, more often than not, the responsibilities are relegated to moms. But there’s no reason why dads can’t be in charge of whipping up a spectacular ‘do, too. Whether you’re a first-time hairstylist or a seasoned hairbrush pro, there are plenty of inspirational and instructional hair tutorials online that can teach virtually any dad how to become a hairstyling pro. Read on to view some of our favorite dad/daughter videos below. 

8 Easy Styles Any Dad Can Do

This video includes eight different styles, including braided ponytails, buns with braids and more. Be sure to order ponytail holders before you get started!

Low Pigtail Braids

Perfect for a bike ride, or a day at school, Daddy Daughter Hair Factory can show you how to perfect the low pigtail braid hairstyle. Don't forget the wet brush for tangles!

Easy Styles That Take Little Time

"Maddy and Daddy" bring you some easy hairstyles like a ponytail, twist bun and pigtails that you can totally pull off. 

Braided Buns, Top knots, and Princess Ringlets

With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Mike Worthington and his daughter Asia have become such a viral sensation with their fun online hair and fashion tutorials that they've taken their show on the road with a Daddy Does Hair roadshow!

The Daddy Sock Bun

Featured on DadsDoHair.com, a Facebook community that features real dads giving instructional videos on quick and advanced hairstyles for other dads (and moms) looking to learn to do with their daughter's hair, this video shows an ingenious use of an old sock to create a beautiful hair bun.

Simple Fishtail Braid

Bryan Leffew is a stay-at-home dad who has been doing his daughter Selena's hair since she was a baby. In this video, Bryan practices a simple braid for one of Selena's upcoming performances at school

Spinning Hair Bun

War veteran and police officer Manny Colon offers up a novel approach to creating the perfect hair bun for his daughter Lily. Hint: it doesn't involve a vacuum cleaner, but it doesn't require some fancy footwork from Lily.

Slicked-Back High Ponytail

This father has a rather interesting way to create the perfect high ponytail on his daughter. Ta-da!

Flip-Through Ponytail

Entrepreneur Mark Peters offers some helpful, pain-free hints on how to transform a low ponytail into a flip-through pony.

Double Hair Buns With Diagonal Parts

Breeze_N_Dad's YouTube channel and Instagram page feature plenty of simple and lovely hair styles that most dads can do for their daughters, including this adorable double hair buns with diagonal parts style. Having a comb will help perfect the part.

Toddler Pigtail Braids

Dad does his baby girl's hair, with guidance from mom.

Dutch Braid

As a single dad, Philippe Morgese taught himself how to do his daughter Emma's hair. What began as father-daughter bonding turned into Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a popular Facebook community and live workshops that teach other dads how to do their daughters' hair.

Three Easy Hairstyles

Filmmaker Steven Miranda shows three easy hairstyles that any dad can do.

Dealing With Thick Hair

Dad Olu offers up easy tips for kids with thick hair, just like his adorable daughter Kemi. Find out more about this adorable duo by clicking here.

— Kipp Jarecke-Cheng


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