Holiday Hairstyles for Moms with No Time or Skills

Courtesy Tessa Rayanne

Don’t be afraid of holiday hairstyles that include braids. These tutorials make it easy

Between the hustle and bustle of wrangling your little elves, baking cookies for the exchange, and figuring out what appetizers to bring to the neighborhood gathering, you might not have a lot of time to get gussied up.  But the good news is, producing all that holiday magic doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun of getting glammed up for the holiday season. There are plenty of quick and simple ways to dress up your tresses. Here are a few of our favorite easy holiday hairstyles that glam you up for the season.

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Messy Side Bun

Who knew a messy side bun could look so chic? This is an easy holiday hairstyle to do at home.

Modern French Twist

The French twist is a classic for a reason: it’s a timeless and elegant holiday hairstyle! This simple tutorial from Alex Gaboury takes what was once thought of as a difficult ‘do to a simple style that any mama can pull off. Cheers!

Twisted Holiday Pin-Up

This twisted pin-up is a great holiday updo for natural hair that keeps it protected and looks amazing. Check out the full tutorial here.

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Rope Braid Crown

A rope braid crown is a fun holiday hairstyle
Missy Sue via YouTube

Easier and quicker than a regular braid, this Rope Braid Crown updo from Missy Sue is going to give your coif a ton of attention! Delicate rope braids are made around the head to form a crown that really kicks up your holiday 'do effortlessly.

Easy Twisted Updo

A twisted updo is a fun holiday hairstyle for moms
Abby Smith/Twist Me Pretty via YouTube

While this style looks like something out of a magazine, it's actually just a lot of twisting and a few bobby pins! Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty uses several elastics to secure and twist locks across the head and then finishes off this look that's fit for a queen, effortlessly. 

Quick Messy Updo

This quick messy updo is an easy holiday hairstyle
Lainey Marie Beauty via YouTube

You had us at messy!  This trendy look is actually just a ton of twisting and bobby pinning and can be pulled off in just five minutes. Lainey Marie Beauty gives a simple tutorial on her YouTube channel on this style that's perfect for holiday get-togethers, date nights, and any other fancy event.

Easy Triple Braided Updo

This triple-braided holiday hairstyle is easier than it looks
The Effortless Chic

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to whip up an updo on your own, and that's why we love this Easy Triple Braided style from The Effortless Chic. Three simple braids and then wrapped around each other to create this million-dollar look and works just as well at a holiday soiree as it does on the playground.

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Hair Bow

Tony Odisho

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a festive bow? Professional stylist, Tony Odisho, shares a cute and easy way to dress up your hair for the holidays by turning it into a bow. You can get all the easy steps to creating this look and the tools used here.

French Braid

A french braid can be a good holiday hairstyle
SweetHearts Hair via YouTube

Sure, you wear french braid's often but not like this! Rather than learn an entirely new style for the holidays, use this simple tutorial from SweetHearts Hair that involves a little extra oomph to take your braids from drab to fab this Christmas.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a good holiday hairstyle
KayDee TV

Keep your natural hair protected and festive with this twisted Faux Hawk. You can watch the full tutorial video from KayDeeTV to get the look.

Twisted Half Up-Do

Tessa Rayanne

A half-up holiday hairstyle is a great way to let your tresses down while still keeping them out of your face because who are we kidding––you're still a mom that’s going to be chasing a toddler at that holiday party. Add some waves, a simple twist, and a pretty hairpin to take that basic mom hairdo to party mode. Get easy-to-follow instructions for this look from blogger Tessa Rayanne here.

Elegant Updo

an elegant updo is a great holiday hairstyle
Tony Odisho

For that grown-ups-only party when you finally score a sitter, you might want to a more elegant look, but with kids demanding your attention while you get ready, you need something that doesn’t take hours to achieve. Stylist Tony Odisho’s Elegant Updo gives your hair that gorgeous look with very little effort. Check out the tutorial here.

Top Bun

a top bun is a good holiday hairstyle
Lexie Barnhorn via Unsplash

Swap out that basic mom bun for something a little more dramatic by sweeping your hair up on top of your head. Avoid those stray, static hairs when you pull your hair up by maintaining your hair’s natural oils to keep it nourished. Stylist Michelle Cleveland suggests, "Using a detangling brush such as “WETBRUSH” comb through your hair, evenly disbursing that scalp oil from roots to ends. The natural oils will help protect the hair from breakage. Next, reach for a dry shampoo and be sure to spray only at the root area, massaging it in with the pads of your fingertips to ensure complete absorption of oils only at the scalp.”






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