Make your baby’s Halloween costume a one-and-done event because, honestly, who has time for that?

Having a baby already requires more planning than we’ve ever done before. Keeping up with feedings and naps and socks (seriously, where are all their socks???) is more than enough without trying to figure out a 14-piece Halloween costume for them. Luckily, they’re already cute enough, so pulling together a baby Halloween costume is super easy with these one-and-done options!

Fast Fox

Baby fox hat and booties

Hat? Check. Booties? Check. Boom. An adorable costume that outfoxes ultra-complicated alternatives. (Add this lounge set and you're completely coordinated!)

Fox Bonnet & Booties Set ($58.00) Here

Serene Sunshine

Baby in rainbow pajamas and sun bonnet

These precious PJs will end up in your regular rotation, and the squeal-worthy sun hat makes this one of our favorite costumes! Order by 10/14 for delivery by Halloween!

Baby Zip Sleeper ($26.40) Here

Baby Halloween Pilot Cap - Sun ($7.99) Here

Sassy Skeleton

skeleton baby pajamas

We're going to be really honest here: we also tried to find this in adult sizes (spoiler alert: there aren't any). The tutu really makes this one, but we're loving the bright colors, too!

Baby Skeleton Costume ($22.99) Here

Delightful Doctor

Green baby surgeon costume pajamas

The doctor is in...bed by 8:00. Add this soft plush doctor's kit and you don't even have to bill your insurance.

Doctor Costume Bodysuit & Hat ($20.49) Here

Darling Dino

This soft romper features spikes and a dinosaur head hood! All you have to do is snap them in. Easy!

Dinosaur Romper ($9.80) Here

Cute Condiments

Five t-shirts with condiment labels

Pick one of these saucy tees for a hilarious and easy costume option! You can even make this a family theme.

Condiment T-Shirt ($19.25+) Here

Spicy Sriracha

Who knew sauces were the key to easy baby Halloween costumes? The little cap is just too perfect. (Orders placed after 10/11 will include a $25 Halloween Rush Service Fee if you'd like to receive it by the holiday!)

Sriracha Onesie ($39.50) Here

Happy Haunting Halloween Bibs & Socks

set of 3 Halloween bibs and socks

This sock and bib set can be worn all through spooky season and is a simple way to add festive flair to any little outfit!

Halloween Bib & Sock Set ($16.99) Here

Bouncing Bat

Baby bat costume

It's probably pretty clear how much we like onesie/hat sets, but you can't deny how cute they are! The bat wings are just beyond adorable.

Deluxe Bat Costume ($31.00) Here

Precious Pumpkin Sweatsuit

Grey jogger and orange pumpkin sweatshirt

Another one we think should be available in grown-up sizes, this an awesome set for your laid-back little boy or ghoul!

Pumpkin Sweatsuit ($26.99) Here

Pretty Pink Lady

Baby in Pink Ladies Grease costume

Tell me more, tell me more - how absolutely precious is this Pink Ladies costume? We know those aren't the words, but seriously, this jumpsuit + Pink Ladies jacket is amazing. (There's still time to order for before-Halloween delivery! Make sure to note the transit times chart on!)

Pink Ladies Costume ($24.99) Here

Tiny Time Out Costume

The tattoo sleeves are just the best thing ever, and this would be a great costume for coordinating a family theme, too! (Make sure to check out the transit times chart to get your order in time for Halloween!)

Tiny Time Out Costume ($29.99) Here

Radiant Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter baby

We can do it! Especially if "it" means "easily making our little one's Halloween costume look great". Another jumpsuit + headband set, this is one for the books!

Rosie the Riveter Costume ($39.99) Here

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