It’s that harvesty time of year when apples are abundant and pumpkins appear on every doorstep. Combine the season’s finest produce to make a simple and adorable craft suitable for any age. (Use washable tempera paint and even the messiest toddler can make it!) Read on for the how-to.


You will need:


Orange paint (tempera, ideally not watercolor)

Green paint or markers (for making the stems)

An apple (or two)

Paintbrush/dish for paint

Optional: black marker or paint to convert pumpkins to jack-o’-lanterns

Step 1: Make the stamp
Simply slice the apples in half (on the vertical). This becomes your pumpkin shape. Apply orange paint directly to the stamp, in a thick layer.

Bonus: Cut up the other half for a snack. Bam!

Step 2: Stamp your pumpkins.
Just press down and create your pumpkin-like shapes, in any pattern they choose. Note that sometimes the stamp is solid and other times it needs filling in. This is okay. It gives them a chance to actually paint and it’s nice to have some variety in each pumpkin.

Step 3: Embellish
Once you’ve filled in your pumpkins and let them dry for a couple minutes, add green stems and vines. Add “Happy Halloween” or a border if you choose.

Optional: Allow to dry completely and then add jack-o’-lantern eyes, nose and mouth. A black sharpie works great for this, or use black paint and a fine-tipped brush. Kids can sketch the shape with pencil first or just free-hand it.

Did you try this craft with the kiddos? Share your pics with us on Instagram! Tag them #redtricycle so we can see them. 

—All photos and copy by Amber Guetebier

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