Packing lunches day and day out doesn’t have to be painful. Sometimes, all it takes is a little organization to help you meal prep with ease!

To give you a head start, we’ve partnered with Kemps® to give you a free weekly lunch planner that you can print at home, and reuse again and again.

4 Tips to Help You Pack an Easy & Nutritious Lunch

1. Up for a challenge? Try including all five food groups: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein Foods, & Dairy

2. Meet at least half of the recommended serving size for grains with a whole wheat sandwich for lunch.

3. If your kids fight you on eating their fruits and veggies, try a juice box that blends the two!

4. Do your little ones need more protein in their diet? Add in Kemps’ new Smooth Cottage Cheese to your children’s lunch boxes, as it’s loaded with two times more protein than non-Greek, low-fat yogurts. Plus, it comes in kid-approved flavors and features fun packaging with some of their most beloved characters, such as Transformers Mixed Berry, PJ Masks Strawberry and Peppa Pig Strawberry Banana.

For more lunchtime inspiration, head to our “Making Smooth Transitions” Back-to-School Rule Book, in partnership with Kemps! You’ll discover easy recipes from Kemps that you can make with your kiddos, recommendations for a well-balanced lunchbox, and even find conversation starters to have with your kids leading up to the new school year.

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