As parents, there’s nothing quite like a homemade Valentine’s card for mom. We’ve searched the web and carefully curated everything from Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers to easy Valentine’s Day cards for school, and all of them are sweet as can be. These Valentine’s Day recipes will sweeten any Valentine’s Day plans and these Valentine’s Day games will tucker them out. Choose your favorite ideas for making homemade cards for Valentine’s Day 2024.

1. Seed Paper Hearts

Who doesn’t love plants? This homemade Valentine’s card can grow! Follow the instructions to make a seed heart that can be planted. Grow plants like wildflowers, herbs, and small vegetables.

2. Hot Air Balloon Heart

Try out this adorable hot air balloon card that can easily serve as a decoration for February.

3. Embroidered Hearts

a picture of a homemade valentine's card
Hello, Wonderful

Kids can hone their skills with a needle and thread to make these cute homemade Valentine's Day cards from Hello, Wonderful

4. Goldfish Snacks in a "Bowl"

Backless Shirt

How cute are these Goldfish-filled valentines from Backless Shirt? This candy-free idea doubles as a little afternoon snack, too.

5. Cutie Valentines

It’s Always Autumn

Our kids love mandarin oranges (aka cuties), and this easy homemade Valentine's card from It’s Always Autumn is the perfect way to use them. Buy a big bag at the grocery store and you’re halfway there. 

6. LEGO My Valentine

a picture of a cute homemade valentine card
The Resourceful Mama

Build super cute homemade Valentine's Day cards this year with this printable from The Resourceful Mama. The only other things you'll need are LEGO bricks and plastic bags. 


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7. Toy Plane Valentines

Crap I've Made

Your littles will soar to the top of the class with these awesome plane valentines from Crap I’ve Made. Snag toy planes on the cheap on Amazon or at a party store. 

8. Rubber Duckie Valentines

a picture of homemade valentine cards
Simple Enchantments

We love a good pun, and this card from Simple Enchantments is definitely a winner.

9. Candy-Free Valentines

homemade valentine's cards
Pretty Prudent

Since kids will be loading up on candy all day, we love this change of pace from Pretty Prudent. Pick from crayons, bubbles, glitter, or bandaids—all of which have their own clever puns. 

10. Pirate Puns


Pirate-obsessed kids will love this clever valentine from MerMag. A pirate pun, a heart eye patch—it just doesn’t get much cuter than this. 

11. Glow Stick Valentines

homemade valentines cards
Eighteen 25

Check out this cute idea from Eighteen 25—with a few packs of glow sticks, it’s pretty easy to put together. 

12. Kool-Aid Fun

My Name Is Snickerdoodle

If your little one is a Kool-Aid lover, they’ll get a kick out of these cute Valentine's Day card idea from My Name Is Snickerdoodle

13. Star(burst) Cards

It’s Always Autumn

Fancy up your valentines this year with this idea from It’s Always Autumn. Crafty kids will enjoy decorating each card with a potato stamp. 

14. Origami Cards

homemade valentines cards
Omiyage Blogs

Whether you’re an origami expert or just a beginner, these easy DIY valentines from Omiyage Blogs will be a winner. 

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15. Crayon Cards

The Nerd's Wife

If you want to get crafty for your Valentine this year, this idea from The Nerd’s Wife is an awesome option. Plus, you’ll get to put all your broken crayon stubs to good use. 

16. Blow Pop Butterflies

Skip to My Lou

We love this fun (but super easy) take on valentines from Skip to My Lou. The kids will love the sweetness and creativity of this one.

17. Cute Sheep Valentines

Hello, Wonderful

Crafty kids will love making this valentine—just print out the cards from Hello, Wonderful, and then let them glue on pom poms for the sheep’s “wool.” 

18. Play-Doh Packages

Random Thoughts from a Supermom

Here’s another gift that keeps on giving: Play-Doh. Just add a fun label to the carton (Random Thoughts from a Supermom has a convenient printable), and the whole class will be sculpting hearts and flowers for their special someone.

19. Valentine "Cards"

My Paper Crane

We love the quirky character of these homemade Valentine's Day “cards” from My Paper Crane. The supplies are easy to round up, there's lots of room for kid participation, and the results are oh-so-cute.

20. Toy Snake Valentines

A Subtle Revelry

Good news for little snake charmers! A Subtle Revelry has ultra-cute easy Valentine's Day cards that only require a teensy amount of effort and a handful of Dollar Store snakes.

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21. Cupcake Liner Creativity

Urban Comfort

What, you didn’t think those festive Valentine’s Day cupcake liners were only good for cupcakes, did you? Urban Comfort has a crafty idea that’s easy to make but oh-so-impressive.

22. I Spy Surprise

A Mom With a Lesson Plan

A loving message and a treasure hunt all in one? Yes, please! A Mom with a Lesson Plan has a great idea for adding a little “I Spy” to your V-Day. It’s a great excuse to roam the neighborhood (or a good way to entertain house-bound little cupids).

23. Upcycled Valentines

Art Bar Blog

You can’t help but love this idea from Art Bar Blog. With washi tape, alphabet stamps, and lots and lots of upcycled hearts, you can make gift bags for storing cards or holding other V-Day treats.

24. Joke Boxes

The Artful Parent

Brace yourselves, this idea from Delia Creates combines puns, Laffy Taffy, silly bands, and LEGO-inspired boxes. It sounds like a win-win to us. 

25. Bear-y Cute Valentine

homemade valentines cards
Domestic Mommyhood

We can’t get over the cute factor of these Valentine's Day cards for school from Domestic Mommyhood. They’re easy as pie to print, cut, and distribute—and they also make excellent lunchbox love notes. 

26. High Fives

A Subtle Revelry

What’s the ultimate show of support for your special valentine? A Subtle Revelry has the answer in the form of a printable high five. This nifty idea is easy and sure to be a classroom fave. 

27. A Homemade Valentine’s Card for Tweens

Even big kids like getting Valentine’s Day cards, and this one is cute, to the point, and includes a fun beauty gift. Get the printable from All Things Thrifty.

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