Earth Day is Apr. 22 so naturally we’ve rounded up a bunch of crafts that honor this great planet we live on. From recycled crafts for kids that include pressed flower bookmarks to leaf art and a bird bath, these EarthDay crafts are some majorly inspirational ways to reuse, repurpose, and really have fun this April.

Earth-Friendly Milk & Vinegar Plastic

Little Bins for Little Hands

What happens when you combine milk and vinegar? Earth-friendly plastic! This simple to execute kitchen science experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands uses natural products and results in a fun craft when you shape and color to look like the earth. 

Earth Day Slime

A Sparkle of Genius

While not every parent is in love with this ooey, gooey trend, this Earth Day Slime from A Sparkle of Genius is a fun way to celebrate. Water, borax, glue and lots of fun glitter come together to make this festive craft come to life.

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Floraholaxnyc via Etsy

Gather up some flowers and leaves and preserve them forever! This easy craft can be done using a laminator or contact paper and celebrates the great Earth's beauty. You can find an easy tutorial over at Buggy & Buddy.

Leaf Art

Fireflies & Mud Pies

Celebrate the beauty of our wonderful planet by creating art! Use natural ingredients like grass, leaves and sticks pairs with a little paint like this cute craft from Fireflies & Mudpies.

DIY Bird Bath

The Chirping Moms

This bright and cheery craft from The Chirping Moms welcomes little birdies to the neighborhood. Basic terra-cotta pots are painted and assembled before adding water. Let the bird-watching begin!

Painted Wood Slices

Homegrown Friends

Settle in for some therapeutic painting with this wood slice craft from Homegrown Friends. Kiddos will enjoy using a new art medium and learning about the different textures found on each slice of wood.

Grass People

Toddler Approved

Commune with nature and use materials you have on find to make your own tin can salon. This fun craft from Toddler Approved uses recyclable materials and some fun crafting supplies to make the cutest grass people you'll ever see.

Stained Glass Earth Painting

Royal Baloo

This easy peasy craft from Royal Baloo just requires wax paper, paint, brushes and a little black paper. Kiddos can express themselves creatively, then trim into an earth shape and hang in a window for a gorgeous stained glass effect.

Eco Bead Bracelet

In the Playroom

Turn your creativity into fashion with an eco bead bracelet like this one from In the Playroom. You can purchase a fun kit like this one from Amazon that turns strips of paper into works of art in a flash.

DIY Garden Stakes

Mod Podge Rocks

Spend some time celebrating the bounty of our great planet Earth with a fun DIY craft like these Garden Stakes from Mod Podge Rocks. Upcycle those mason jar lids and either print out a cute label or let the kiddos make a sweet drawing to mark each of your home grown veggies.

Earth Day Newspaper Garland

Kitchen Counter Chronicle

The best way to celebrate Earth Day? With a newspaper garland, of course! Kitchen Counter Chronicle has the lowdown on how to top off your festivities with perfect paper planets.

Painted Garden Sticks

Sweet Thing Designs

If you’re looking for an easy-peasy, earth-pleasing garden decoration, try this idea from Sweet Thing Designs. The kids will love finding sticks and then jazzing them up!

Tin Can Windchimes

Hands On As We Grow

This craft from Hands on As We Grow is music to our ears! All you need to make your own wonderful windchime is a few cans from your recycling bin. Let your little artists decorate before assembly for that extra special touch.

Egg Carton Millennium Falcon

The Weisse Guys

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with the help of an upcycled egg carton and The Weisse Guys. Not only does this idea give new life to an item you’d normally toss, it also makes playtime worthy of a Wookiee.

Coffee Filter Earth

I Heart Crafty Things

Here’s a simple craft idea that won’t require any crazy supplies. I Heart Crafty Things explains how to make a pretty earth using a coffee filter, markers, and a bit of water.

Coiled Magazine Paper Bowls

Frugal Upstate

This craft from Frugal Upstate is a little more time consuming, but easy enough for little hands to master. Plus, it’s the perfect way to spend a rainy spring day.

Earth Day Collage

I Heart Crafty Things

Make a cool collage for Earth Day! It's easy to repurpose old magazines to make a brand new piece of earth-inspired art. Hop over to I Heart Crafty Things to get the full instructions.

Gum Leaf Necklaces

Let the Children Play

It doesn’t get much simpler than this cute craft idea from Let the Children Play. Just gather a few leaves and let the kiddos decorate them with markers or paint, then string them together to make a swanky necklace.

Earth Mosaic

Makes & Takes

Let the whole neighborhood know that your psyched for Earth Day! Thanks to Make and Takes, you can turn cardboard into a magical earth mosaic for your window, .

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder


Gather some pinecones from your backyard or local park and make a few feathered friends very happy with these bird feeders. Head to Tinkerlab to get the instructions.

Puffy Paint Earth

No Time for Flashcards

Encourage the kiddos to get their hands dirty with this cute idea from No Time for Flashcards. Mix up some puffy paint using shaving cream, white glue, and green paint, and then give your little Picasso free rein.

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Untrained Housewife

Turn a toilet paper roll into a cute animal—from bunnies to butterflies, the sky’s the limit. Find a few different tutorials over at Untrained Housewife.

Recycled Paper Hearts

No Time for Flashcards

Make use of the scrap paper that’s hanging around the house by making your own recycled paper. Check out the (surprisingly simple!) directions at No Time for Flashcards.

–– Susie Foresman & Karly Wood



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