Edy’s Touchdown Ice Cream Is the Perfect Super Bowl Treat

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Whether you’re a fan of the game or simply in it for the snacks, it’s hard to argue that the Super Bowl is all about stuffing your face with delicious eats. Edy’s Touchdown Sundae is the perfect dessert to pair with those hot wings and chili for the big game.

The sweet game day treat means the kids might actually sit through a quarter to get a taste! Made with vanilla ice cream and fudge swirls, the Touchdown Sundae features chocolate footballs filled with caramel. Not that you’ll have time to notice when you’re gobbling it up, but the footballs are touchdown-worthy down to the tiny lacing details.

The flavor is a limited edition so scoop some up while you still can. Edy’s is generally available in grocery chains on the East Coast, but there’s a tasty alternative if you live anywhere else. Parent company, Dreyer’s, which is available across the rest of the country, also features the same Touchdown Sundae flavor.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Edy’s via Instagram



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