‘Elephino: 3 Things You Can Do Today to Help Elephants

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You’ve probably heard “elephants never forget” before, but did you know that scientists have found that elephants do, in fact, have memory? It helps them find water in dry seasons: they can find water sources they haven’t visited in more than ten years. No doubt about it, elephants are amazing creatures. Here are 3 things you can do right now to help elephants in honor of World Elephant Day, Aug. 12:

1. It takes a village. As parents, we all need a little assist. Grab the tissues because tears just might flow when you watch this touching video of a herd of elephants helping to guide a newborn elephant to nurse.

2. Join Ninety-Six Elephants, a project aimed at getting families to help elephants, in insuring a bright and healthy future for the peaceful pachyderms of the world. Visit their site where you can sign a pledge and post an elphie  and spread the word.

3. Adopt an elephant (don’t worry, you don’t need any extra yard space).

What are you doing to celebrate World Elephant Day? Share your elphies with us with the tag #redtricycle. 

—Jacqui Boland, Christal Yuen, Erin Lem & Amber Guetebier