With Christmas around the corner, the Elf on the Shelf is pretty much all over your house. If you’re running low on imaginative Elf ideas, turn on YouTube—and trap the little guy in your TV (or laptop).

Elf on the Shelf trapped in the TV isn’t exactly a brand-new invention. A quick YouTube search will reveal plenty of pages of adorable TV test pattern clips with the words, “I hit the wrong button on the remote…How do i get out of here?” and a pic of the Elf himself.

YouTuber Aaron Holm posted a trapped Elf video back in 2015, writing in the clips’s description, “So, I made this a few years ago just for my family. Since it seems to be gaining views of late, I just thought I’d write a little description. I wasn’t forward thinking when making this. I made it for 10 minutes only so if you need longer either pause it or slow the playback speed to gain extra time.”

With less than a week until Santa arrives, give your kiddo a laugh with this trapped TV test pattern Elf. If you’re looking for a longer version, check out this hour-long clip!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Heather Nicholson via YouTube



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