With temps creeping up and summer vacation basically here, it’s the perfect time for outdoor adventures. And with all the usual climbing, jumping, scooting, and riding comes the inevitable spills and scrapes. That’s why you’ll want to go through your home first aid kit to ensure you have everything you need. The key is to do this before you have a crying kid with a bloodied knee in front of you. If you’re wondering what should and should not be included in your kit, we’ve got some expert advice.


Keep wound care simple: wash with soap and water, then vaseline and keep it covered! See your doc for large wounds, those that won’t stop bleeding or signs of infection #injury #hack #tips #cut #wound Disclaimer: For educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be regarded as medical advice or replace the advice of your physician

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Pediatric ER doctor and mom of four Dr. Meghan Martin shared her wound care recommendations in a recent TikTok, and these are the takeaways:

  • Stop washing cuts and scrapes with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. “You’re killing all the healthy cells that are trying to heal your skin,” shares Dr. Martin. She recommends you wash with soap and water instead.
  • Ditch the triple antibiotic ointment. “Most people have a hypersensitivity reaction to at least one of these [ingredients],” according to Dr. Martin. What to use instead? Dr. Martin recommends Bacitracin or Vaseline.  Dr. Martin shares that not only do plastic surgeons typically recommend Vaseline, but “studies have shown if you cover the wound and keep it moist with something like Vaseline, it actually heals quicker.”
  • If you need bandages that really stick, go with Band-Aid Tough Strips. They really stay in place even on active kids.
  • Skip the grip tape and self-adherent wraps. “I’ve seen so many people lose fingers and toes using this grip tape and self-adherent wraps. It actually cuts off the blood supply as it gets so tight,” explains Dr. Martin. Use gauze pads and tape instead.

Of course, you should always head to your doctor for treatment of larger wounds, those that won’t stop bleeding, and anything that shows signs of infection. Our recommendation: Keep a supply of Dum-Dums with your first aid kit because sometimes a little treat is all your kid needs to get through the trauma of a scraped knee.

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