Now You Can Get a Baby Elf On the Shelf

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Do you have baby fever? That is, baby Elf on the Shelf fever. As it turns out, you can expand your Christmas-time tradition and add a bounty of baby elves to the mix!

So where can you get your very own baby Elf on the Shelf? If your elf is ready to adopt a gaggle of teeny tiny kiddos, you’ve got plenty of choices. Etsy seller My Magical Moments Elf has everything you need to create your own elf-y nursery.

photo: Amazon

Not only can you buy an awesomely adorable baby elf, but you can also order extra sets of clothes, a bib and bottle, a completely cute crib, a highchair and, of course, a paci.

If that’s not enough mini elf-themed fun for you, Amazon also has plenty of picks. Munchkins and Doodlebugs has a toddler elf in training ($10) and Tiny magic World makes a baby elf Rapunzel ($20), baby elf twins ($38) and even a baby Easter elf ($20).

—Erica Loop



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