This CA Park Denies Bigfoot Sighting & Sasquatches Our Dreams

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Breaking news: the town of Eureka doesn’t have a Bigfoot. The Northern California town just issued a statement to inform visitors and residents that despite news websites distributing photos of a “primate-like” form in the 70-acre public preserve that is Sequoia Park, there is no Sasquatch roaming the forest.

In no small coincidence, the sighting allegedly occurred in the area where a canopy walk is being constructed. The photos supposedly show a Bigfoot-esque being on a platform 50 feet off the ground.

photo: iStock

The structure, part of the city’s Redwood Sky Walk which will open in the spring to connect the forest with the city’s zoo, will link tree platforms and is more than 100 feet high. Miles Slattery, city manager for the City of Eureka has encouraged visitors to “please avoid the area during the final construction phase to reduce the impacts on the park and zoo.”

Despite being a large park, Slattery also states that “none of our staff has reported anything.” The surrounding area of Willow Creek is no stranger to Sasquatch “sightings.” Known as the Bigfoot capital of the world, the term “Bigfoot” was coined there in the ’50s.

So Sasquatch fans, the search continues.

––Karly Wood



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