As we learned during the pandemic, a teacher is so much more than an educator. Yesterday, in the wake of yet another school shooting, we were also reminded that they are protectors.

Included among the 21 lives that were lost at the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, were two beloved teachers. One of them was Eva Mireles, a 44-year-old fourth-grade teacher with a resume detailing 17 years of experience. She was also a wife, mother, niece, cousin, and a friend.

Mireles’ school bio gave us a glimpse into the loving human she was: “I love running, hiking, and now you just might see me riding a bike!!” She is survived by family, including her husband, a UCISD officer, daughter Adalynn, and three fur babies.

While news is still emerging about what exactly happened during the shooting, so far it’s been shared that all of the tragedy took place in one classroom. Along with another teacher, Mireles likely served as the beacon of hope and comfort for her students during terrifying moments.

The entire tragedy is shining a light on many things, the responsibilities of teachers among them. As parents, we pass off our children daily to these men and women to learn, but we hardly think about the roles they will play if an active shooter walks onto campus. No doubt, they did not sign up for this.

Yet they remain constants in our children’s lives, teaching them not only multiplication facts and how to conjugate verbs but how to jump on the toilet seats in the bathroom so a bad person doesn’t know they are hiding. They’ll serve as counselors after trauma, as safe spaces, as soft shoulders for a hug or cry.

Teachers are educators at the very least. We already shower them during Teacher Appreciation Week for putting up with our kids as we drop them off after a rough morning at home or teaching them to read when we don’t have the patience. There is no possible way we can thank them enough or show how grateful we are that they literally step in front of danger for our kids––when we never even outright ask them to. They take our children and make them their own, every day.

The world has lost two teachers that it shouldn’t have on what should have been just another school day. While most of us don’t live in Uvalde, there are ways we can support the community.

Robb Elementary has opened a memorial fund for the families of the tragedy. If you would like to donate, you can do so at any First State Bank of Uvalde location or by mailing checks made out to “Robb School Memorial Fund” to 200 E Nopal St. Uvalde, TX 78801. Or you can make Zelle donations to


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