Whether you’re a first-time mom or adding to an ever-expanding brood, raising kids is hard (like, really hard). Luckily, social media can be super helpful when it comes to finding your tribe. We looked through a ton of Facebook groups for every type of mom, every type of family, and every type of need and narrowed it down to our favorites below. Keep reading to find one that’s perfect for you.

Groups for New Moms & Babies

Pregnant Moms Due in 2020, 43.8K members
Find other moms due the same month as you in 2020.

Fussy Baby Support Group, 35K members
This group is perfect for moms feeling overwhelmed by fussy or colicky babies. They make sure moms know it’s a safe no-judgment zone where they can come with questions and get advice. But, they also recommend their members give advice from experience as well.

The Beginner’s Guide to Baby-Led Weaning, 85.9K members
As the name suggests, encouragement and support for moms who are weaning their babies.

Exclusively Pumping, 31.5K members
Another descriptive group name, this group is intended for Exclusive Pumpers to share information and support.

The Mommy Grind, 37K members
This group was created to help new moms navigate the first few years of motherhood. They are also adamant about no solicitations, no contests, no giveaways, etc.

Car Seat Safety, 88.9K members
This group is great for new moms (and dads, of course) who have questions, concerns, and are looking to purchase a new car seat. This group aims to empower and educate their members, but a big goal is to help reduce child injury and death in the event of an accident.

Milky Mommas, 110K members
Breastfeeding is a lot more complicated than it looks. There are latching issues, mastitis (OUCH), nipple confusion and more. Milky Mamas is there to help.

Groups for the Daily Grind

Mom Squad, 35K members
Being a mom is rough. And kids do say the darnedest things. So of course, you need a place to vent, laugh, and bond. Mom Squad is a great place to ask for advice and question things, but keep in mind, that the admins keep the page judgment-free and non-political.

Modern Parenting Hub, 15K members
Both parents and caregivers can connect in this safe space all about communication and socialization. It’s not just about advice on this page, but also about really connecting and building relationships.

Simple Families, 13.7K members
Motherhood and parenting are filled with a lot of white noise … which means nonsense. This group looks to strip down and get rid of the nonsense and help moms focus and thrive in motherhood more simply.

One Bad Mother, 10K members
Based on their Podcast, this Facebook group aims at supporting their members through all of their “genius and failures of life.” Once again, they aim to keep this a safe space where members feel comfortable asking questions, sharing goofs and just venting about the toughness of motherhood.

Cat and Nat Chat, 53K members
If you ever need a true belly laugh, check out Cat & Nat’s #MomTruth videos on YouTube. They tell it like it is, the good, the bad and the (vomit-filled) ugly. And their Facebook group reflects their sass, humor and real-life approach to things.

Slate Parenting, 13.7K members
Fans of Slate Parenting column and podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting enjoy this dynamic group. All posts in this group are moderated by Slate’s parenting editors and columnists.

The Mom Rant, 13K members
Had a hard day? You might want to consider join The Mom Rant, a safe place for moms and moms-to-be to rant/rave and vent freely. With 11k+ members from across Canada and around the world, it’s a judgment-free place for moms to find solidarity with others.

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Food-Related Groups

Hungry Toddlers, 128.7k members
Meal ideas and recipes for keeping kids happy during the toddler years.

Costco Meal Ideas for Busy Moms, 35.9k members
Adult and kid-friendly meal and recipe ideas for shopping bulk at Costco.

Feeding the Littles, 70k members
We don’t want to scare you, but feeding young kids often stinks. They are the pickiest, strangest eaters on the planet. Check out this group if you want a safe place to share recipes, ask questions and get advice. Like most parenting groups, they urge members to be respectful and shy away from controversial topics.

Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas for Busy Moms, 130k members
This active group shares the best snack and meal recipes from TJ’s from fellow parents.

Recipe Rescue, 3.9K members
From the Cool Mom Picks team, this active group offers ideas and inspiration for preparing family meals.

Parenting Picky Eaters, 19.6K+ members
Moderated by feeding consultant, Jo Cormack from the UK, and children’s nutritionist and therapist, Simone Emery, this is a safe space for parents of food-cautious kids.

Instant Pot Parents, 19.5K members
If you like your Instant Pot and want more family-friendly ideas and recipes, this is the group for you. With over 18,00 members, there’s a wealth of knowledge here.

photo: Brooke Lark via Unsplash

Special Interest Groups

Kids’ Crafts and Activities, 73K members
There’s nothing worse than snow days, vacation days, sick days or rainy weekends without something to do. This group provides activities and shares articles, ideas, etc. for parents and kids. Think of it as a Pinterest Facebook group filled with tips, tricks and lifesavers.

Moms Who Run, 2.5K members
Mom-to-mom support to get out there and run no matter how busy life is.

Red Tricycle Book Club, 1K members
A monthly book club for moms hosted by the Red Tricycle team.

Moms in Tech, 14.8K members
Ad-free, judgment-free, solicitation-free, this is a safe space for moms working in tech (in any sort of position) looking connect and support each other. They encourage members to post job openings, share projects they are proud of, and respect other members’ privacy. Working is hard, motherhood is hard, and this group hopes to help relieve a bit of both.

Moms of Only Children, 4K members
Whether you are one and done by choice or not, if the question “Are you done having kids?” always annoys you, this is the group for you.

ADHD Parents Support Group, 139.9K members
An open, non-judgmental forum to discuss the challenges of parenting children with ADHD, as well as seek solutions.

Local Groups

Upper East Side Moms (New York City), 31K members
UES Mommas is a group where NY mommas come for support, positive and constructive guidance and community. It’s also a great place to check on great dining suggestions, what’s the deal with the Second Avenue Subway, and how’s that new dry cleaner that just opened. Plus, you can ask questions about schools, museums and more.

Upper West Side Mammas ,(New York City) 19K members
Same thing, but for the Upper West side.

Brooklyn Baby Hui (New York City), 3.8K members
Parents from the neighborhoods of North Brooklyn sharing experiences, resources and stories to empower each other.

NYC Moms- Upper East Side, 21.4K Members
Safe place for moms on the UES to connect with local parents.

Circle of Moms (Chicago), 11K members
You can join this group to chat, ask for advice, give advice, learn about events happening in the area, vent, set up playdates and more. Keep up-to-date about what’s happening in the Windy City and all there is to see and do with kids—big and small.

Washington DC Area Moms, 8.7K members
Learn about events, get great tips (Best playgrounds! Best kid-friendly dining) on this local page. They don’t allow solicitations or marketing, so this is a safe space for even the most hesitant participant.

Main Street Mamas (San Francisco), 14K members
This group claims to have an open mind and no rules, but they do insist on no judging and being respectful. Keep business posts to Momtrepreneur Mondays and classifieds on the weekends, but otherwise, come and enjoy yourself. Learn about events and get to know your SF community.

Marin Mom’s Swap, 4k members
Simple selling and swapping for Marin County mamas.

Portland Mamas, 19K members
What started as a small space for a handful of moms in the area has grown to over 19,000 members offering advice, resources and support in an open and friendly manner. Ideas come fast and thick here, so if you’re looking for the best soft shoes for your toddler or the best school backpack, strap in and get ready! It’s like crowd-sourcing from thousands of great friends who have tried it first.

Red Tricycle Families Seattle, 3K members
Find the tools and tips you need to parent like a rock star on Red Tricycle’s own parent group page, Red Tricycle Families Seattle. On it, you’ll find events, ideas and activities that transform everyday parent-kid outings into memorable adventures that are surprisingly easy to do. It’s also a place for moms and dads to ask the “who, what, where and when” questions that always seem to crop up. Or to post what you know by sharing your own kicking kid-friendly events within the group.

LA Mommies, 58.7K members
LA Mommies is a private group so no one outside of it will see you post about having a mommy meltdown at 2 a.m., but be prepared to (virtually) run into other mom friends. Members can post anything and everything mom-related from pregnancy and parenting advice to the best spots for birthday parties or date nights.

— Felissa Allard with Allison Sutcliffe, Shahrzad Warkentin & Karly Wood


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