Take Your Jacket! Colorful, Cute, & Cozy Layers Kids Will Want to Wear

three kids' jackets against yellow background

No doubt about it; there are multiple reasons to love fall. We do have to admit, though, that constantly asking (orrrrr telling, begging, pleading, bribing…) our kids to just remember their jacket isn’t the best part of the season. We’ve mastered the art of dinner plans and smart family travel, but the jacket thing is just a constant struggle.

Well, until now. How do we make sure littles stay warm while they’re frolicking in the leaves? Make jackets fun! Although “jackets” and “fun” don’t typically go together, we think we’ve hacked the system with these colorful, cute, and cozy layers that kiddos will actually love wearing. From family hikes to running errands, these jaunty jackets are sure to be snagged off the coat rack without a reminder! (Okay, maybe one reminder. We’re not wizards.)

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two children modeling orange printed rain jackets

Nike ACG Storm-FIT Printed Convertible Jacket


Our motto is "the brighter, the better", especially when it comes to what our kids are drawn to. It seems like Nike read our minds when they added this ultra-fun print to their ACG Storm-FIT jacket! We also really appreciate that it's convertible; wear it hip length or knee length and they're set for their next adventure.

beige puffer jacket with gold metallic sparkle

Toddler 100% Recycled 3D Unicorn Puffer Jacket


GAP combined sparkle and cozy with this precious toddler jacket, and any young unicorn enthusiast is going to want to show off the perfect horn crowning the hood! Magic.

denim jacket with polkadot sleeves and hood

Layered-Look Denim Jacket


Adding Disney to denim is a sure bet when it comes to kiddos wanting to sport a style! The layered look of this jacket adds a little something extra that your Disney fans will reach for over and over again this season!

Lightyear themed zip-up kids hoodie

Toy Story Long Sleeve Zip-Up Jacket Hoodie


To infinity and beyond! ...or just to the backyard. No matter where your little adventurer is headed, they'll be ready to suit up in the coziest gear in the galaxy!

patterned Adidas track jacket

Adidas Lightweight Track Jacket


The classic Adidas track jacket gets an upgrade with this oh-so-stylish print! Made of smooth Tricot, this is the perfect way to add a pop of vibrant print while staying warm.

navy and floral print jacket
Hanna Anderson

Recycled Reversible Jacket


We *did* mention how much we love color, so we flipped over this cheerful floral jacket! Recycled and water-resistant, they have the option of reversing to a vibrant solid pink, so they'll want to wear it no matter what their mood calls for.

navy track jacket with smiley face logo
Kids Foot Locker

PUMA x Smiley Track Jacket


Pairing a versatile neutral color with a kick can't be beat! This track jacket can be paired with so much and the Smiley logo is a real day-brightener!

Columbia Sportswear

Mini Pixel Grabber II Wind Jacket


We're kinda jealous this one only comes in kids sizes! A fun print and super soft jersey lining make this a kids' fave, and the stain, rain, and wind-cutting outer shell make their adults love it just as much.

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