These kids jackets will last all season (and then some)

No doubt about it; there are multiple reasons to love fall. We do have to admit, though, that constantly asking (orrrrr telling, begging, pleading, bribing…) our kids to just remember their jacket isn’t the best part of the season. We’ve mastered the art of dinner plans and smart family travel, but the kids jackets thing is just a constant struggle.

Well, until now. How do we make sure littles stay warm while they’re frolicking in the leaves? Make jackets fun! Although “jackets” and “fun” don’t typically go together, we think we’ve hacked the system with these colorful, cute, and cozy layers that kiddos will actually love wearing. Plus, we made sure there are colors and patterns little kids adore in this list. From family hikes to running errands, these jaunty kids jackets are sure to be snagged off the coat rack without a reminder! (Okay, maybe one reminder. We’re not wizards.)

Checkered Knit Track Jacket

Hanna Andersson

Checks are back in a big way (millennial moms, you know!), and this knit track jacket is really soft on their sensitive skin. It also comes in a fun leopard print!

Checkered Knit Track Jacket ($34.80)—Buy Here!

Columbia Fire Side Sherpa Jacket


If there's anything kids love, it's plush. And this fleece jacket delivers. It's a full zip, and it comes in 10 colors.

Columbia Fireside Sherpa Jacket ($42.99)—Buy Here!

Elbow Pad Fleece-Lined Jacket


Water-resistant and complete with hood, we're loving the little elbow pads, especially. It comes in 4 colors.

Elbow Pad Fleece-Lined Jacket ($35.91+)—Buy Here!

Reversible Ready Freddy Hoody


The Kids’ Reversible Ready Freddy Hoody has the look of Patagonia's quilted Down Sweater on one side and Retro-X Jacket styling on the other. It's available in neutral hues and some brighter colors, too!

Reversible Ready Freddy Hoody ($129.00)—Buy Here!

Textured Rainbow Cloud Jacket


Not only is this jacket just the most fun ever, it also comes in adult sizes!

Textured Rainbow Cloud Jacket ($28.99)—Buy Here!

Icon Denim Hoodie Jacket with Washwell


A classic denim jacket with edgy little hood spikes? This jacket goes with anything.

Icon Denim Hoodie Jacket with Washwell ($46.00)—Buy Here!

Polar Fleece Zip-Up Jacket


This versatile jacket comes in 12 different colors/prints so you'll be able to find the perfect one to match their budding style.

Polar Fleece Zip-Up Jacket ($29.99)—Buy Here!

3-in-1 Jacket

The Children's Place

Wear the fleece, wear the shell, or keep them together for especially chilly days! It comes in 3 patterns.

3-in-1 Jacket ($34.98)—Buy Here!

Ruffle Trim Denim Jacket

Janie and Jack

Another denim jacket? Well, yeah, because they're an absolute classic. Dress this one up or down and they can wear it in the spring, too (and if they've grown out of it? Pass it down. Janie and Jack pieces are heirloom quality).

Ruffle Trim Denim Jacket ($64.00)—Buy Here!

Fleece-Lined Windbreaker


Water- and wind-resistant, this jacket comes in a bunch of adorable prints.

Fleece-Lined Windbreaker ($31.90+)—Buy Here!

Lightweight Bomber Jacket


Keep them warm and on-trend with this always-in-style bomber jacket (it comes in 7 colors).

Lightweight Bomber Jacket ($25.99)—Buy Here!

Kids' Denali Jacket

The North Face

Just like the always-a-fave adult version, the Kids' Denali Jacket is warm, versatile, and super soft.It comes in 4 colors.

Kids' Denali Jacket ($120.00)—Buy Here!


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