The Brothers Grimm don’t hold a candle to your kiddo’s imagination, but their stories are perfect for feeding the creative fire. Fighting dragons, hanging out in castles, finding houses made of candy–how could classic fairy tale characters not cast a magic spell? (It’s okay to admit it still happens to you, too.) Scroll down to discover what projects we declare to be worthy of your fantasy-loving little folk.

1. Little Red Riding Hood
You’d think a shoe box would be a good fit for the Little Old Lady (how does she squeeze in all those kids?) but Anna, creativity guru at The Imagination Tree had other ideas. She used hers to craft a Little Red Riding Hood story box by adding foam stickers, paint and paper. Coolest part to this project? Your kids could recreate almost any fairy tale world of their choosing. For more details on how to get started, skip over to The Imagination Tree.

Photo: Anna Ranson via theimaginationtree

2. Princess and the Frog
You’ll find it hard to resist giving your little frog a big smacker after he whips up an amphibian inspired paper plate hat. The hardest part about this project could be adorning the fly to the extending tongue. Gather up your paper plates, paint, elastic and pens and jump the pond over to My Little 3 and Me for instructions.

Photo: Emma Smith via mylittlethreeandme

3. Jack and the Beanstalk
There might not be any magic involved but the kids will still enjoy crafting a “giant” beanstalk. We love this version from Fantastic Fun and Learning, not only do you get flex those artistic muscles, but the kids can be bean counters too. Simple materials include pipe cleaners, cotton balls, paper plate and lima beans. Be sure to look for the free castle print-out provided over at Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Photo: Shaunna Evans via fantasticfunandlearning

4. The Three Little Pigs
Slightly less messy than using real straw, sticks and bricks, this easy project from Red Ted Art invites hours of huffing and puffing play. Start with those ever-so-handy TP rolls, add paint, googly eyes and go! The houses themselves are a fabulous way to introduce your crafters to the art of Origami. Find your way over to Red Ted Art for the tutorial.

Photo: Maggy Woodley via redtedart

5. Thumbelina
Teeny tiny houses for teeny tiny people? Yes, there’s something so fascinating about building fairy houses–your littles will adore setting up lodging for make-believe characters like Thumbelina and her fairy prince.  We love the house created with popsicle sticks, buttons, stones and real greenery over at Musings From a Stay At Home Mom–her version is a perfect indoor activity(save it to put outdoors in warmer weather!)

Photo: via Erika Bragdon via musingsfromastayathomemom

6. Sleeping Beauty
It’s quite possibly one of the best fairy tales of all time (she gets to sleep, a lot!) and it’ll be easy for your little Prince Charming to battle his way to the castle after crafting his own shield using recycled materials, including cardboard, paper and tin foil. Green Kid Crafts throws down an awesome step-by-step tutorial.

Photo: via greenkidcrafts

7. Aladdin
We all wish we could cruise the globe on our very own magic carpet. In lieu of finding your own Cave of Wonders, consider crafting a mini-version instead. Bright bits of yarn, construction paper and glue combined with little imaginations– it’s all you’ll need to complete this project. Fly over to Elementary Art Room for more ideas.

Photo via elementaryartroom

8. The Little Mermaid
Ariel would flip over these mermaid necklaces we found over at Mama.Papa.Bubba. Craft creator Jen Kossowan provides the how-to and the list of supplies–including sea shells, glass gems, hemp string and glitter (the more the better!)–your kids will provide the creative muscle.

Photo: Jen Kossowan via mamapapabubba

9. Rapunzel
Your Tangled enthusiasts will love adorning Rapunzel’s tower with flowers, and we bet a little pint-sized Pasqual wouldn’t be out of place! Grab cardstock, tissue paper (or yarn!) for her hair, markers and color paper for constructing the tower and head over to Learn and Grow Designs for the tutorial. All that’s left is to call out “ Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

Photo: via learnandgrowdesigns

10. Hansel and Gretel
Wandering off in the woods, finding a house made of candy, making a narrow escape from being toasted up for tea? Of all the fairy tales(ahem, lessons) around, parents, this one might stick! Play out the entire story with quick-and-easy(read: printable) stick puppets waiting to be colored. Kimberley, designer over at Learn Create Love provides readers with a link to designs for several of her puppet sets, and can we say how much we are loving the homemade puppet theatre,too? Pop on over to Learn, Create, Love for the printables.

Photo: via learncreatelove

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Share with us in the comments!

–Gabby Cullen

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