Next time you hit up the farmers market, bring your little eagle-eyed fruit and veggie hunters along for the ride. This super cute game of Farmers Market BINGO from Live Simply will whet their appetites and work their brains at the same time. Make sampling new items part of the game for a fun activity that comes with its own snack!

Photo: Live Simply

  1. Print out Live Simply’s super cute bingo cards here. For a reusable game, we recommend laminating the cards and buying a few dry-erase markers.
  2. Start shopping! The farmers market is the perfect locale for this game, because all the food isn’t stocked together in the same section like at the grocery store. Hunting, and even asking questions to your local vendors, is required.
  3. Each time your kiddo spots a item on their card, have them shout out the items name and mark their BINGO card.
  4. The first one with a full row filled out yells BINGO!
  5. Free spaces can be filled by trying a sample or snack of a something new at the market.

For an alternative version that can be played at home, check out Live Simply’s original post here.

Do you have any other cute ideas for making shopping trips extra fun? Let us know in the comments below! 

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