Circus Peanuts Are the Fave Candy in *This* State & We Just Don’t Get It

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Do you have a favorite Halloween candy? Whether you love a good sour gummy or love sinking your teeth into dark chocolate, a new report shows just how American’s love of sweets during the Halloween season shakes out.

Career site, Zippia recently used Google Trends to examine 50 different popular candies and how often each one is searched for within the U.S. From there, they determined the fave Halloween candy of each state and spoiler: gross candy is not excluded from the results.

photo: Courtesy of Zippia

While Starburst was the overall fave last year, Kit Kats and Twix bars are the hot candy for 2021. On a whole, chocolate candy wins out over non-chocolate options in general.

Some other notable results include West Virginia’s weird love of Candy Corn, Tennessee devours Runts, Colorado digs Black Licorice and Oklahoma gums out over Circus Peanuts (yes, THOSE circus peanuts).

For the full report, head to Zippia.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Burst by Shopify



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