The Chatter Telephone Is Back & It Makes Real Phone Calls

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Remember the Chatter Telephone? The rolling old school Fisher-Price phone that let you make pretend calls? What if we told you there’s a working version for adults—and it’s available to pre-order soon!

Thanks to Bluetooth and a little ingenuity, you can buy a modernized version of the Chatter Telephone that lets you make real calls. Connect your cell and it’s fully activated, routing outgoing calls through the rotary dials and incoming calls via actually picking up the handset. And yes, it still has the same looks as the OG toy!

There’s no extra phone line required and you’ll likely be glad for an excuse to set down your boring iPhone or Android. With the Chatter Telephone’s short blue aqua cord, you’re tethered in place and forced to give any caller your full attention. Just like the good old days! 

You can only find this bulky beauty at Best Buy for $60, with pre-orders starting soon. Supplies are limited so if you’re ready for a dose of nostalgia, better add to the cart now! 

— Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Fisher-Price



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