Loosing a tooth is a major milestone for kids. There’s always the excitement of leaving it under the pillow for the tooth fairy. How much will she leave? When will my new teeth come in? Will I catch a glimpse of her? Plus there’s the adorable toothless grin that comes with it all. Here are six apps that will help you celebrate the loss of a tooth, and work towards better oral hygiene for your child’s new adult teeth.

The Tooth Fairy Was Here
For those children who couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to meet the tooth fairy, this app will give them what they want. Proof! Snap a picture of your snoozing child, and super impose an image of a cute, illustrated tooth fairy. Choose from six different spritely fairies – all magical in their own way. Share with friends and family via social media with just a few clicks.

Available for the iPhone and iPad, free

Download here.

Tooth Fairy Calculator
Okay, this one might be more for the parents than the kids but it’s so worth it. As kids, the tooth fairy left us change. Today, children are getting actual paper money. If you’ve ever wondered what the going rate for a tooth is, this calculator will help. Just enter all the appropriate information and it will give you the value of the tooth lost. Of course its all just fun and games, but a good laugh nevertheless.

Available for the iPhone and iPad, free.
Download here.

Disney Magic Timer App, by Oral B
This newly released app is used in conjunction with Oral B or Crest Pro Health Stages toothbrush – for ages 4 months and up. Simply scan your child’s toothbrush and watch Disney characters come to life. Timed brushing sessions reveal hidden games and activities once completed. Good for multiple teeth brushers.

Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, free
Download here.

Tooth Fairy Voicemail
Need to report a wobbly tooth? Want to request a toothpick up? Need to get in touch with the tooth fairy to ask her a few questions? This app makes it possible for kids to communicate in the best way they know how – through a smart phone. Parents can record their own voices for all responses needed.

Available for the Android, free.
Download here.

Aquafresh Time to Brush
Sometimes getting the kids to the bathroom to brush is half the battle, but this app makes kids actually look forward to the task. A funny, animated blob of toothpaste dances, tells jokes, sings, but most importantly helps your child brush correctly and for the right amount of time.

Available for the iPhone, Free
Download here.

Colgate Tooth Fairy Game and Diary
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to protect your teeth from invading bacteria. This easy to navigate video game helps kids realize the importance of brushing and the dangers of a dirty mouth. Also included is a fun tooth diary where you can record specifics about baby and adult teeth, plus pictures of your child’s toothless grin. Apps for the Android and iPhone differ slightly in design but serve the same purpose and amount of fun.

Available for the iPhone and Android, free.

Moms, what do you think about bringing the tooth fairy into the digital age of smart phones? Tell us in the comments below.

— Christina Fielder

featured photo courtesy of Jenn Durfey via flickr

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