We had a good run, but statistics are showing that COVID is back on the rise. In response to the not-so-great news (and the itching desire to stock back up on masks), the White House just announced a third round of tests are now available to order for free.

You might remember that the government offered four free tests per residential household back in January and another batch in March. With this new round, households will have had access to at least 16 free tests, which sounds like a lot until you realize how quickly a family can plow through them when symptoms present. Regardless, we will gladly accept a free test when offered.

In total, the White House has given away more than 350 million free tests, which sounds amazing. However those have gone to only a little over half the number of U.S. households.

free covid tests
Guido Hoffman/Unsplash

The process will be the exact same as last time: Head to covidtests.gov or call 800-232-0233 and you can request an order of eight free tests.

USPS will only send the tests to a valid residential address, and it’s important to note that the tests are rapid antigen, not PCR tests. PCR tests are accurate but can take a longer time to produce results. Antigen tests, while much faster, are considered less accurate.

But for anyone who’s spent hours with cranky kids strapped into the backseat at a COVID-19 test site, we can offer up a universal “who cares?” for us all. A rapid test beats no test any day, in our books. Tests will be available for quite some time if you don’t get around to it today (or in case the site crashes, because, you know, 2022).


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