Disney recently released a brand-new trailer for Frozen 2—and if you think the first two teasers were magical, you need to watch the newest one!

By now, Frozen fans already know the epic franchise is returning in mere months with a sequel to the uber-popular flick. As if hearing “Let It Go” on repeat wasn’t enough, now your Elsa and Anna fans can get a longer glimpse into their fave film courtesy of the full-length trailer.

The first two teasers didn’t give much away when it came to the sequel’s plot. Released in February and June, each clip may have gotten fans hyped for the film—but neither went into deep detail.

With the newest trailer, Disney gives fans a two-plus minute look into the “mortal danger” the film’s heroines face and the adventure they (and the rest of the animated cast) go on.

While the new trailer adds to the previous teasers, you’ll still need to wait until Nov. 22 for Frozen 2’s theatrical debut. So until then, your kiddos will just have to “let it go.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Walt Disney Animation Studio via YouTube



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